Smartwatches and the World Cup

You may have noticed a few people walking around with watches that look suspiciously like touch screens – yes, this is the year that wearables finally come into the limelight.

One of the best looking wearable devices around is the Gear Fit, a slim bracelet-style wearable that connects to your devices and delivers notifications for incoming phone calls, SMS and emails, on a curved OLED display.

The Samsung Gear Fit

What has this to do with the World Cup? Glad you asked. This is the first year that World Cup referees will be wearing watches that will indicate if a goal has been scored, by vibrating and flashing the word GOAL on the watch display. (We actually wish there was room on the screen to say “GOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLL!!!!!!!”).

Courtesy GoalControl

Samsung’s Gear Fit won’t tell you if your ball has made it into the net, but after a couple of runs up and down the paddock you’ll want to know how fit you are, and the Gear Fit will be able to tell you how fast your heart is pumping.

Plus you’ll be able to track your health as you shuffle from your bed to your lounge at all ungodly hours to watch your favourite matches, hopefully on a brand new widescreen television. (You still have a few weeks to upgrade before the final!)

If you’re a football fan, enjoy the next month with all the dramas, twists and underdog stories as they unfold.

And of course, a football post wouldn’t be complete without Les Murray’s performance with Vaudeville Smash. Enjoy and have a great World Cup weekend!

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