RINNAI Avenger 25 Plus Gas and Electric Heating Highlights

There is no way to sugar coat this – winter is here and if you want to stay warm, a portable gas heater might just be the thing to keep you toasty inside while it freezes over outside.

Today we’re looking at the Rinnai Avenger Plus. It even has a hot name! This model is available in two colours, in white or platinum silver, so you can choose either depending on your home decor. There’s also a choice between natural gas and bottle gas, so even if you don’t have a gas outlet in your home you can still take advantage of its great heating performance.

So lets have a look around the heater. At the front we have the louvre where the warm air comes out – now remember this is not like a radiator, you don’t need to be in front of it to get warm, the whole environment will steadily become more comfortable.

Here there’s the carry handles that you can use to easily move this to another room if you need to. Here’s the control panel that gives you all the information you need to make your family nice and warm.

Looking at the back here, there are three filters to make sure the air being sucked in is as clean as possible when it’s recirculated through the room via the front lourve. The thermistor here helps monitor the temperature and compares it to the ideal temperature that you’ve selected and continually adjusts performance and power use so it’s both effective and efficient.

Now you might have noticed this black little window here, this is the remote control that gives you a few basic controls from the comfort of your lounge – you can power or shut down the heater and adjust the temperature setting to suit your own level of comfort.

Now this heater is perfect for large, open areas, and here’s a fact that I only just found out but kind of makes sense – as a room is warmed, the walls and ceilings are also warmed, which makes you feel even warmer even though the temperature is around the same. This Rinnai can take advantage of this by selecting an economy function that prevents overheating a room and helps save energy.

You were perhaps wondering about the “plus” in the name – the plus is very important! To get an extra boost of heat on those really cold nights, you can activate the electric mode which turns on an electric element that superheats your space. Using the control panel you can choose how the electric element kicks in – if you’ve run out of gas for example, you can use it in just electric mode. But if you want to get your room heated up quicker to the desired temperature, you can use one of the gas electric modes.

Now the other thing I should mention is they’ve thought of the busy family as well. During weekdays you may only need the heater on at night, but for longer periods over the weekend when everyone is home longer. The Avenger Plus has dual programmable timers so you can have the weekday timer at say 6pm to 10pm, and the weekend timer at maybe 3pm to 7pm.

Once you’ve punched it in, the heater can be fully automatic and turn on and off every day of the week and weekend without further interruption. But you can always override the timer if you are at home for manual control.

Here’s another feature I really like, called the pre-heat mode. If you have a timer programmed in, the heater actually starts looking at the temperature of the room an hour before the heater is due to start, and makes sure the room is actually at the desired temperature at the programmed time. How cool – or hot! – is that?

So come on in to your nearest Bing Lee store or purchase online now!

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