3 Times The Fun With Samsung Galaxy Tab3

Tablets are fast taking over from notebooks in popularity when it comes to on the go computing, and Samsung has released its new tablet line up called the Galaxy Tab3 series, with three models in the range – a 7 inch, 8 inch and 10.1 inch. Let’s have a quick look at each, and the great features across entertainment, gaming and learning. Now, firstly take the tablet, feel how light and thin it is in your hand.

Galaxy Tab3 7″

The Galaxy Tab3 7 is a great, affordable tablet for reading ebooks and the spot of browsing and gaming when required. The thin and small design means it’s easy to carry with you in small bags or even in a large pocket. And being powered by Android, you have access to both the Google play and Samsung app stores for great content.

Galaxy Tab3 8″

The Galaxy Tab3 8 has a larger screen but Samsung have done a great job with the design to make it feel really comfortable in the palm of your hand. One of the secrets is in how thin the side bezel is so your hand can still reach around the full width – and because it’s so light, just over 300 grams, you can hold for extending reading periods if you’re engrossed in an ebook for example.


Galaxy Tab3 10.1″

The Galaxy Tab3 10.1 is the best screen size for watching video content and playing full screen games. If you like to use your tablet on the go and share content with someone close, then the 10.1” screen is perfect for sitting side by side and playing two player games and watching your favourite shows.

All Tab3s have a widescreen display, so if you’re watching a movies or TV shows that have been produced recently, the video content will take up the entire display just like a TV. And while we’re on video watching, here’s a cool feature – if you want to continue doing other things like browse the net or check an email, you can use the video pop-up function to have the video at a smaller size sitting on top of other content.


The Galaxy Tab3 range have a Micro SD card slot for extra storage, so you’ll never be worried about what you can load onto your Tab3.

The Galaxy Tab3 range also has a back facing camera, and it comes with some easy to use shooting software to help choose the right settings for your situation – sports, beach, and fireworks amongst others. They all also have a smaller front camera for selfies but more importantly for video calls – so if you’re on a wi-fi network you can video chat face to face with friends and family – and being a tablet you can pass it around and everyone can have a go!

Watching TV shows or movies is not a singular experience anymore – whether it’s with your smartphone or tablet, chances are you are using a smaller mobile device to check out the official website of the show you’re watching, or checking out actor profiles, and posting and reading on social networks. The second screen is here to stay, and the Galaxy Tab3 can do all that, and more!

On the 8 and 10.1 inch versions of the tab3, there’s an infrared transmitter. It uses an app that can transform your tab3 into a remote control for your TV, so if you are doing the whole “second screen” thing, if you decide to change the channel or need it a bit louder, you just switch across to the app and control it right there – simple as that.

There’s another feature that will keep TV arguments to a minimum. Just say someone else wants to watch a DVD or Blu ray movie on the TV. On selected Samsung Smart TVs, if your TV and tablet are connected to the same network at home, you can use your Tab3 8 or 10.1 to watch free to air as if you had an antenna on the Galaxy Tab3! And you can still change channels and volume too.

All Galaxy Tab3s use the Android platform, so you’ll have access to hundreds of thousands and games, music, movies and books through Google Play. But in addition to that, Samsung has its own Samsung App store where it selects and offers only compatible apps for learning and entertainment to ensure you get the best tablet experience.

Here’s our video on the Tab3 range:

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