Samsung Curved Monitors at Bing Lee

If you’re looking for a new monitor for your workstation, here’s an idea. Samsung’s curved TVs are in stores and in lots of people’s homes now, but what about the home office? Meet the Samsung curved monitor, available in both twenty three and twenty seven inch sizes.

The full high definition curved screen provides optimal comfort for viewing, delivering a wider field of vision that’s easier on the eyes. The glossy black body is framed by a narrow bezel and elevated by a t-shaped stand. It can be tilted backwards and forwards to optimise your viewing comfort. It includes a VESA support to easily mount onto a wall with a VESA bracket.

The three thousand to one contrast ratio delivers more vivid images than a conventional monitor. The brilliant images pop with deep blacks, pristine whites and bright colours, with less light leakage. This means you get all the benefits of a great day time office monitor along with the perfect personal video entertainment display after hours.

For the best after hours experience, this curved monitor has a game mode that adjusts the display settings to improve the darkness of the picture so you can see all the action vividly. The fast four millisecond response time reduces motion blur, judder and ghosting, leaving you with an incredible image that you’ll love watching.

And if you’re a power user of your monitor you’ll appreciate these features. Eye saver mode reduces blue light emissions that have a higher fatigue rate on the eyes, and flicker free technology reduces screen flickering for a improved viewing experience.

And if you want to share your screen, the 178 degree viewing angle can be seen from any angle, vertical or horizontal, making effective and impactful presentations possible with this curved screen.

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