ELECTROLUX Vacuum and Floorcare Range

Bag-less cyclonic vacuum cleaners have long held the mantle as having the latest technology with power, hassle-free convenience, without the need to buy dust-bags, not to mention you can actually see the dust you’re capturing.

Electrolux looked for feedback and set out to address three main issues: performance – with regards to suction and power; ease of use – primarily around maneuverability, noise levels, and storage, and finally – the management of dust. Based on that research, they created the Electrolux ultracaptic.

One of the issues with bag-less vacuum cleaners is how to clear the dust and dirt. The ultracaptic is designed with a unique and innovative easy release handle, part of the ‘Compact and Go’ solution. For fast and convenient emptying, you just push the easy release handle and press a button – no extra hassle required. This means you’ll avoid messy contact with the dust and dirt, and it keeps the canister internally visible so you can easily see the volume of dirt you’ve picked up.

To deliver performance and ease of use, the Ultracaptic features powerful cleaning, including Multicyclonic Technology, which helps deliver high dust separation, with up to 99.95% dust pick up on hard floors. Ten mini-cyclones separate ultra-fine dust particles and capture them in the Fine-dust Filter. This reduces the risks of filters being clogged and increases the performance of the cleaner.

The washable HEPA 13 Allergy filter provides clean Exhaust Air by trapping more than 99.99% of fine dust. The ultracaptic has also been designed for ultimate manoeuvrability with an ergonomic grip, and large, soft wheels that protect hard floors. It also has 5 speed settings so you always have the right suction for the surface you’re cleaning.

With many of these features, Electrolux received the coveted 5 star excellent rating for dust pickup and filtration from Germany’s SLG testing institute.

Other models in our range include the Ultra Active, with bagless super cyclonic technology, HEPA 12 exhaust filters and a 3 in 1 accessory tool.

So let’s check out the range of cordless floor care models. Keep in mind that all operating times mentioned do depend on floor types and household conditions.

In the cordless range, the Ergorapido delivers instant grab and go cleaning for up to 20 minutes, plus the patent pending brush roll clean that cuts off hair, string and debris from the brush roll with the push of a pedal.

The Ergorapido Plus extends that usability time up to a possible 30 minutes with only 4 hours charging time.

The UltraPower model runs up to 50 minutes, with an exchangeable battery pack, and an LED light for illuminating any corner to be cleaned.

The ZB4106 is the first cordless vac to have integrated wheels for gliding over any surface without straining your wrist. The ZB4112 boosts cleaning time up to 20 minutes while retaining the wheels and the double filtration system for better air quality. Finally the Rapido plus provides wheels, cyclonic action, double filtration and a cleaning time of up to 35 minutes.

As you can see, Electrolux have a comprehensive range of floor care to suit your environment and your lifestyle. Come into Bing Lee or browse online for our complete Electrolux floorcare offering.

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