What Are the Benefits of Using a Steam Microwave?

What is a Steam Microwave Oven?

The hottest new trend in microwaves is built-in steaming.  Many people who already use their microwave to steam food are probably wondering what the difference is between regular microwaves and the new steam microwaves on the market.  Here’s a quick run down on what steam microwave ovens are all about.

How Do Steam Microwaves Work?

Microwaves cook using radio waves that penetrate food, exciting fat and water molecules to heat them quickly and evenly. In a conventional microwave oven, food can be steamed by adding a small amount of water to food in a covered dish. The radio waves will then heat the water to produce steam.

Unlike using a regular microwave where you need to use a separate dish to steam your food, a steam microwave uses the entire oven cavity to steam its contents. This one convenient appliance combines the health benefits of cooking with steam with the power and speed of cooking with microwaves.

In fact, steam microwaves allow you to cook around 4 times faster than traditional cooking methods. Steam penetrates deeper into food, removing excess fat and salt while locking in more of the beneficial nutrients your body thrives on.  Cooking with steam is also the gentlest method of cooking, preserving foods natural colours, flavour and textures. Therefore steaming not only makes more nutritious but also more delicious meals for you and your family.

Steaming allows you to prepare healthy meals with minimal use of oil.  With obesity and related illnesses becoming more widespread, the steam microwave makes cooking low-fat meals fast and effortless for even the novice home cook.

Other Conveniences of Steam Microwaves

The generous size of steam microwaves enables users to steam on multiple tiers simultaneously (2 to 4 depending on the model), without the transfer of tastes between the levels.  This means you save time by being able to cook sweet and savoury dishes in the one device all at the same time.

Many steam microwaves ovens also have convection oven and defrost functions. This means you can steam, microwave, defrost, bake, roast and grill all using one compact device, helping you to save space in your kitchen. Most steam microwaves also feature pre-programmed steam settings that intelligently select the most suitable temperature and cooking duration for particular foods, allowing you to cook with greater precision.

Use the pre-programmed menus to cook anything from vegetables, meats, poultry and seafood to rice, pasta and pastries with ease. With its versatility, efficiency and ability to help you create tasty, nutritious meals for your family, the steam microwave is a great investment for any home, particularly those with limited kitchen space.

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