JAYS Makes Music For Your Ears

The advent of digital music completely changed the way we listen to our favourite songs while on the go. MP3 players and iPods suddenly allowed us to keep hundreds or even thousands of songs with us wherever we went. Not only has digital music enabled us to enjoy more songs while travelling, but the high-quality sound produced by digital formats also makes favourite singers and bands sound incredible.

An MP3 or iPod can easily rival the sound quality of a traditional Hi-Fi stereo, thanks to the sound that comes with digital music, but having a digital music player isn’t enough to truly enjoy great sound. An MP3 player or iPod is only as good as the headphones or earphones that you use to listen to your music. Often, the earbuds included with digital music players are very basic and result in only fair quality sound production.

As digital music grew in popularity, true music lovers continued to ask for better earphones and headphones, so that they could fully enjoy the sound possible from their MP3s. It was from this desire for higher quality headphones and earphones that JAYS was born.

Based in Stockholm, Sweden, the company has just one line of business-earphones and headphones designed for mobile music. Bing Lee is thrilled to offer this brand’s award-winning audio products, which place emphasis on functionality rather than on flashy or eye-catching design elements. That’s why, unlike other brands that feature earbuds in a wide variety of colours, JAYS models come in only three colours – black, white or grey.

Since the company’s founding, JAYS earphones have risen to international acclaim and are highly sought after by digital music lovers all over the world. In 2011, the brand’s a-JAYS Three earphones received the honour of being named the 2010 earbud product of the year by the popular Scandinavian magazine “Bild Ljud Hemma.” The unique design of these earphones was praised for the sound quality that it enabled. The earphones were also recognised for their flat cords, which eliminate the annoying problem of tangling.

Always innovating and improving their products, JAYS released a newer version of this popular earphone style, calling it the a-JAYS Four. The earphones feature the same 5-millimeter, tangle-free cables as the a-JAYS Three and are packed with features that make them one of the best earbud models in the world. Among these is the built-in remote, which allows you to not only control the digital music player but also to make phone calls and initiate voice controls on multi-function smart phones.

The a-JAYS Four also comes with five different ear sleeves to ensure that they fit comfortably, even when worn for hours. All of the unique features in the a-JAYS Four have earned the model a variety of awards and recognition from trusted publications and websites. CNET Austalia rated the earphones 9.1 out of 10 in February 2011, and the well-known American site PC.com awarded them a score of 9.2 out of 10 and a “Choice Award Gold” in March 2011. And despite their numerous features and critical acclaim, all of the JAYS headphones and earphones are available at affordable prices here at Bing Lee.

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