Kobo Touch eReader

The is a great option for people that are interested in a device that’s easy on the eyes and has an easy way to purchase books. You can even take the whole library with you in one small and easy to use package.

When we take a look inside box we find the Kobo Touch on top, then a welcome guide and other documents underneath, the USB cable can be found underneath the cardboard tab. You’ll also notice that the Kobo Touch has a nice contoured backing for better handling and a better overall reading experience.

Reading on the Kobo Touch is just like reading a book, the text is all presented on the latest Pearl e-ink technology on a 6 inch screen. This means you can read for hours on end, and because power is consumed only on page turns, not when the text is displayed on the page, you can read your books for over a month before recharging…that’s correct for over a month.

Weighing in at only 185 grams you can hold it in your hand for extended reading periods.

When I mentioned a library on the Kobo, I meant just that – you can store up to 1,000 books on the Kobo as is, and even more via the Micro SD card slot, which can take up to a 32GB capacity card.

The Kobo touch is quite intuitive to use with its touch sensitive screen which opens up even more functionality. You can tap or swipe the screen to turn the page and you can highlight words to see their definition using the built-in Merriam-Webster dictionary. The virtual keyboard makes it easy to search the Kobo store for books you’re interested in. Speaking of the store, Kobo offers over two and a half million books, and a million free titles to get you started on your reading journey.

No matter what kind of reading style you like, you can customise the Kobo for your needs, with 7 different font styles, and 17 font sizes

The Kobo Touch is also Wifi capable, allowing you to browse the bookstore right from within the device, without having to be connected to a PC. This makes it easy to find the title you want and download it straight to the Kobo.

If you already own ebooks from other sources, you can easily transfer these to your Kobo via dragging and dropping from a PC or via a Micro SD Card.

Reading Life is a great way to track your own reading habits, with stats that tell you how long you take to read each book, how many pages you’ve turned, and how many books you’ve finished reading in your library.

With most everyone socially connected nowadays, Kobo have an integrated Facebook and Twitter function that allows you to share your reading interests with your friends, family and followers.

Kobo’s main focus is on the reading experience. However with touch control, a customised display, ease of buying and transferring titles, and the ability to share your reading experience with your social networks just enhanced the total Kobo package.

So come on in to your nearest Bing Lee store or purchase online right now.

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