Kris Kringle Ideas

If you work in any kind of office or team environment, chances are you’d be participating in some kind of Secret Santa or Kris Kringle. Believe it or not, this little event can cause a heap of stress to those having to wander the streets, looking for something worthwhile, but not over the top in expense.

Bing Lee have some great low priced but high value electronics items that could be the answer to your Kris Kringle delimnas.

BLE Bluetooth Speaker: If your Kris Kringle uses anything resembling a smartphone, then this would be well appreciated. Stream music from the smartphone using a wireless bluetooth connection, with very easy pairing. Smartphones are great devices but not really suited to sharing music or movies at a decent volume. The BLE speaker delivers great sound, with a rechargeable battery. It even has a built-in microphone, so you can use it as a hands-free call-maker.

Panasonic AM/FM radio: Remember the good old days when families would gather by the fireplace and be regaled with stories of mystery, science fiction and drama, all from a high tech piece of hardware called the WIRELESS? Even though “wireless” now means something very different, you can take your Kris Kringle back to a simpler, more innocent time, where a night’s entertainment would only be a twist of a dial away. But wait, there’s more – you get AM AND FM channels with a 4 inch dynamic speaker. Who said radio was dead?

Kambrook Blitz2GO Personal Blender: Last year the idea of getting a blender for someone’s Secret Santa would have been a little OTT. However, I reckon there’s be a few people secretly hoping for the personal blender from Kambrook that’s taken our stores by storm. It’s called a personal blender because it’s designed to make healthy shakes mixed and blended in the actual bottle that you then take with you on the go. If you have a Kris Kringle that loves making their own healthy snacks, then this could be right up their nutritional alley.

Philips Sports Earhook Headphones: If your Kris Kringle fancies themselves as a bit of a runner or walker, then a pair of sports headphones wouldn’t go astray. These hook over the ears for greater stability while running, jumping or any other physically exertive activities. And the best thing about grabbing one of these now? We’ll throw in another pair free of charge, so you can use a pair yourself or pass as a present to someone else.

Targus Notebook Bundle: Most people own a computer or tablet these days. For those that want to give an IT-flavoured Kris Kringle, a great value bundle here at Bing Lee is the Notebook pack that consists of a bag that can hold up to 16” notebooks, a corded mouse and a 4 port USB hub that doesn’t require any drivers. Your Kris Kringle will be able to be as productive out and about as they are in the office with this affordable notebook pack.

Tablet accessories: For those that have a tablet, there loads of accessories on offer with cases for different models and sizes, screen protectors and adaptors and all at affordable prices. With tablets being used in almost every social, business and entertainment situation today, you need to protect your investment, and covers, cases and extra chargers are sure to be appreciated by a Secret Santa recipient.

That’s just some of the wide range of affordable Kris Kringle ideas available at Bing Lee right now in any of our stores or online.

Season’s greetings from all of us here at Bing Lee!

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