Mitsubishi Electric Brings Australia Changes for the Better

In 1834, Yatar? Iwasaki founded a shipping company, which he renamed three years later as Mitsubishi Shokai. The meaning of Mitsubishi, the title that the firm was later shortened to, is “three diamonds” and refers to the red, triple diamond logo of the brand, which is now highly recognisable in Australia and around the world.

In the early days of the company, Mitsubishi diversified into related industries to support its shipping efforts, such as purchasing coal mines to obtain the raw materials used to power the corporation’s steam ships. During World War II, the company completely reinvented itself as an aeroplane manufacturer for the Japanese army. After the war ended, Mitsubishi again went through a period of change.

Now, Mitsubishi is perhaps most well known for being Japan’s sixth largest automobile manufacturer. The company also manufactures chemicals, produces nuclear power, and makes cameras and other optical equipment under the brand name Nikon. Worldwide, Mitsubishi operates in more than 80 countries through more than 500 companies. The corporation employs more than 54,000 people around the globe and generates over $240 billion in revenue annually.

The home appliances unit of Mitsubishi, Mitsubishi Electric, launched in Australia in 1967 when the company opened up an office in Rydalmere, New South Wales. In 1974, Mitsubishi founded the MELCO Australia Pty Ltd in the city and changed the organisation’s name to Mitsubishi Electric Australia in 1982. To give back to the planet, Mitsubishi provides funding for Australian Animals Care & Education Inc., a nonprofit organisation that rehabilitates wildlife. This group is also dedicated to preserving the hairy wombat species, of which there are less than 200 left alive in the wild. In addition to providing financial support, Mitsubishi Australia’s employees volunteer their time at AACE’s facilities in Melbourne, and the company has donated merchandise, like air conditioners, to help outfit the rehabilitation habitats for wombats.

As a producer of home electrical appliances, Mitsubishi Electric Australia is well known for its air conditioners. The company manufactures a full range of models from small multi split systems to large systems designed to work with ductwork. Mitsubishi residential air conditioners, like the Mitsubishi MSZ-GE71KIT Split System Air Conditioner, operate at only 19 decibels, making them the quietest residential models available in Australia.

Many of the brand’s models, including the MSZ-GE71KIT, include a premium inverter, which operates with a DC fan motor that uses 60 percent less power than the motors found in other air conditioners. This in no way sacrifices the cooling ability of the air conditioner but cuts back on energy consumption. Another popular line produced by Mitsubishi Electric Australia is its refrigerator collection, which includes top mount, bottom mount, upright and multi-drawer models. The Mitsubishi MR-420C-W-A 420L Top Mount Fridge is one of the brand’s top-selling styles and features its Surround Cooling System. This unique method of cooling the interior of the fridge ensures that air circulates freely to keep every part of the refrigerator the same temperature. The model also has an antibacterial food liner to help improve the safety of food and prevent odours from lingering inside of the fridge.

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