OXX Digital Makes Digital Audio Broadcasting Easy

Since the advent of radios, people have relied on radio stations to provide them with news, weather and traffic reporting, and to provide a musical soundtrack for their lives. Anyone who has listened to traditional radio knows, though, that the form of media can be fraught with problems.

Radio stations, particularly those on AM frequencies, are often difficult to tune into properly and have poor sound quality. In addition, traditional radio waves have are limited in how far they can travel, leading to areas in cities where certain channels cannot be received. Digital radio seeks to eliminate many of the difficulties associated with traditional radio broadcasting. In digital systems, the signals are converted from their traditional analogue format before being transmitted to receivers. The sound quality possible with digital radios is much better, even on AM frequencies. In addition, digital transmission expands the reception area for radio stations.

The proper name for digital radio is Digital Audio Broadcasting or DAB. The technology was developed in the late 1980s, but the first digital radio receivers did not hit the market until the first DAB broadcasts began in 1999. In Australia, DAB premiered on August 6, 2009. As of 2012, digital stations are being broadcasted in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane with stations in Canberra and Darwin testing the technology with intentions of launching DAB programming in the near future. Efforts are also underway to bring DAB to rural areas throughout Australia. To enjoy digital radio, a specialized digital receiver is necessary.

Among the options available in the DAB receiver models available in Australia, those made by OXX Digital stand apart. OXX Digital first began selling receivers in Australia in 2009 after enjoying tremendous popularity in other nations around the world, including in the United States, Germany, Holland, Norway and Sweden. The company has its headquarters in Nibe, Denmark, but also has a large office in Sydney. This office serves as the brand’s most important secondary location around the globe. One of the most popular OXX Digital DAB receivers available in Australia is the OXX Digital Classic DAB+ BLACK Digital & Internet Radio.

In addition to picking up the 20 digital radio stations presently available in Australia, the receiver also has the ability to play Internet radio stations and podcasts, meaning that there are more than 25,000 options for programming available for users. The model has received numerous accolades, including an Editor’s Choice Award from CNET Australia and an Editor’s Pick Award from the Good Gear Guide. In addition to this freestanding model, OXX Digital also produces the OXX Digital Digital Pocket Radio, a handheld digital radio that comes with high quality JAYS a-Jays One earphones.

For those who want the convenience of digital radio built into an iPhone charging station, the OXX Digital Flight DAB+ Radio iPhone Dock is available. This model is outfitted with a clock and alarm, so that it can be used on night stands in place of a traditional alarm clock.

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