Panasonic: From Ideas for Life to Real Innovations

On March 13, 1918, Konosuke Matsushita founded a company that he named after himself in Osaka, Japan. Matsushita’s company produced just one product at that time: duplex sockets for lamps. Slowly, the company broadened its product lineup and by the end of World War II, was manufacturing a wide variety of parts for appliances, lighting fixtures and other products.

Once the war ended, Matsushita continued to look for ways to expand his company’s offerings. His quest to find new products and new markets to sell them in led him to the United States in 1961. It was there that he found dealers clamoring for a line of consumer electronics products. Matsushita entered an agreement with these dealers, and his company soon began making electronics under the brand name Panasonic. Although the company eventually became synonymous with this brand name, it did not officially adopt the name the Panasonic Corporation until June 26, 2008.

Presently, the Panasonic Corporation is ranked among the top 100 largest companies in the world with more than 330,000 employees around the globe. In Australia, Panasonic has its headquarters in Macquarie Park, New South Wales. The company also has additional offices in Scoresby, Victoria; Hendra, Queensland; Welland, South Australia and Welshpool, Western Australia.

Panasonic is known for its consistent innovation and has a corporate philosophy that is centered around the word “how.” In short, this means that the aims of research and development for the corporation are always to discover how to create new technology that will surprise and delight customers. It’s for this reason that many of Panasonic’s electronic devices consistently receive awards and accolades from major publications around the globe.

One area in electronics manufacturing in which Panasonic truly excels is in televisions. The brand’s plasma televisions, like the Panasonic TH-P65VT50A 65” Full-HD 3D Plasma TV, are outfitted with neo plasma technology, which creates sharp, clear images that are so vivid that they can rival the quality of a movie theatre’s screen.

Panasonic LCD LED televisions like the TH-L55ET5A 55″ 3D HD Full-HD 2D LED LCD TV offer numerous options for connectivity so that the television can communicate with computers, handheld devices and all of the components in home entertainment centers. In addition to televisions, Panasonic also produces home theater and hi-fi equipment.

The brand has a full line of appliances available in Australia, including air conditioners, washing machines, rice cookers, microwave ovens, cordless phones and alarm clocks. In addition, Panasonic makes Lumix digital cameras, camcorders and multimedia mobile cameras. Panasonic is not only a leader in

Panasonic is not only a leader in innovation, but also one of the top companies known for their environmental responsibility. The brand previously received recognition from Greenpeace for being among the top 10 best environmentally friendly electronics brands. The company continues to cut down on its carbon dioxide emissions with plans to eliminate them completely through continued improvements in their factories around the globe. The brand’s electronics are designed to use as little power as possible to preserve natural resources and cut down on energy spending.

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