5 Must-Have Features for Your New Camera

We all know a great photograph when we see one, but shopping for a camera is not as straightforward. The myriad of options now available can make choosing a new camera confusing. Here are the key features you should be looking for in your new digital camera.


Ever taken a photo and your smartphone and noticed that the picture quality does not even compare to what a digital camera is capable of producing? The reason is because the camera resolution. While phones and webcams capturing images at around 3 – 5 megapixels is fine for the web and email, if you were to print these images they would be grainy and blurry. When considering the resolution of your new camera remember that the higher the megapixels, the greater the quality the image resolution will be. However, keep in mind that high resolution shots also require more memory capacity


Unless you are a skilled photographer, opt for a pocket-sized point and shoot camera with automatic settings. Look for features including auto-focus, image stabilisation, facial detection and scene recognition settings. Some automatic cameras offer the option of manual settings, which is a ideal if you would like to experiment with your camera’s different capabilities for yourself.

Great Zoom Quality

Digital cameras offer two kinds of zoom – optical and digital. Optical zoom is a “true zoom”, using the lens to magnify the subject. In contrast, digital zoom simply enlarges the pixels to make the object appear closer. The greater the optical zoom, the closer you will be able to zoom in on the subject of your photograph and the clearer your image will be. I you would like more zoom power, look for a camera that enables zoom lens attachment, as this will give you the additional quality optical zoom power you need, rather than opting for the digital zoom option which is likely to result in fuzzy images.

HD Video Recording

Enjoy the convenience of capturing still and moving pictures all in one convenient device. Many pocket digi-cams also let you shoot video. Check to see that the camera you are considering to purchase captures video at a quality that will translate well onto the screen, particularly if you want to watch in high-definition. Also ensure your camera has sufficient memory to store your videos.


You want a camera that will have enough battery power and memory space to enable you to shoot for extended periods without a care. Opt for a long-life rechargeable battery to avoid spending money on disposables. Also check to see how much on-board memory the camera provides and that it also has a memory card slot so that you can further extend upon this capacity.

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