Should I Buy a Dehumidifier?

The purpose behind a dehumidifier is relatively simple to understand. It lowers the air humidity by condensing and removing moisture from the air. While this might seem to be a rather unusual function to some, the effect this can have on our homes is great, especially during the warmer months. It’s quite common for people to get a dehumidifier purely for comfort reasons because humidity plays an important part in how we perceive the temperature. Since we are cooled by sweat evaporation, if the amount of moisture in the air is high, then that process slows down considerably or could stop entirely. Removing that moisture, then, gets our natural cooling systems working more effectively, reduces that “muggy” feeling, and makes a sweltering day far more bearable. There are some cases, however, where your home might need a dehumidifier. Too much humidity can cause all kinds of effects on just about anything in your home. Wood products (including the house itself) can warp, paints can peel and some metals can accumulate rust. If you see any of these things happening in your home, a dehumidifier may be a good investment simply for the upkeep of your belongings. Regulating the humidity level can also be necessary for health and hygiene reasons. Moulds and fungi generally thrive in high moisture environments and may prove a serious health concern if you or someone in your household is prone to allergies. Many pests prefer an environment with higher humidity – in particular, cockroaches, mosquitoes and spiders are all turned off by low moisture environments. With a dehumidifier you can prevent mould and fungi growing and unwanted visitors showing up in the first place. It’s worth saying, however, that having too little moisture in the air can also be problematic. As well as causing some materials to become brittle, low humidity can irritate the throat or cause dry skin. You should check for humidity-related problems before deciding whether you should purchase a dehumidifier, but being in control of the environment in your home will always be a substantial advantage.

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