Modern Toaster Features

Toast is a quick and easy breakfast solution that everyone loves, which is why toasters are found in just about every modern home. Simply pop in a slice of bread and the toaster’s heating elements will brown it on both sides, then eject it once it has been toasted to the selected setting. The automatic pop-up toaster has been around since the early twentieth century, but since then several new features have been added, making this simple device handier than ever. Thermal sensors Early model toasters used a timer to enable users to control the degree to which their bread was toasted. The problem with this was that bread toasted in the first cycle was not as dark as those from subsequent cycles because the appliance had not yet warmed up. This led to the advent of thermal sensors that determined the level of toasting by the temperature of the toast itself. A bimetallic strip is the most common form of thermal sensor used in toasters. In addition to regular toasting, a toaster’s thermal sensors enable the appliance to provide the following conveniences:

  • Reheating setting– when a slice of bread that has already been toasted is warmed without further browning it.
  • Defrost function – to quickly and easily defrost breads and pastries directly from the freezer.
  • Lift function – allows you to check your toast at anytime during the toasting process without interrupting the cycle.
  • Multiple control settings that enable you to customise the browning level to suit your individual taste.

Capacity and Slot Size Over the years, toasters have not only become better, they’ve also gotten bigger. While 2-slice toasters were once the norm, it is now quite common to find toasters with a capacity for 4 or even 8 slices. No longer is sliced bread the only bread variety that can be browned-off in a bench-top toaster. Many modern toasters now come with more generously sized self-adjusting slots that enable you to toast most varieties of breads including bagels, muffins, baguettes, Panini and Turkish bread. Sleek and Stylish Designs The classic chrome box design toaster was once commonplace however, in more recent times manufacturers have started producing models for users looking for an appliance with a more stylish appearance. Brushed, polished and patterned stainless steel as well as coloured glasses and plastics are all now used for toaster exteriors, enabling you to coordinate the appliance with the rest of your kitchen decor. The toaster’s tradition wide-set body is also giving way to sleeker, more slim-lined designs, giving them a more modern look, while freeing-up kitchen bench space.
Digital Controls Digital controls and LCD displays are the latest additions to the modern toaster. This technology if user friendly, enabling you to monitor the progress of your toast as well as allowing for customised precision toasting.

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