Simpson: Simple, Affordable and Australian

In 1909, the Simpson Company opened in Adelaide, South Australia. The next few decades brought success and prosperity for the company, and in 1963, the firm bought out Pope Industries Ltd, a manufacturer of sprinklers, irrigation equipment, washing machines and air conditioners. Manufacturing of consumer appliances became the main focus of the company that was formed by the union of the two organisations.

In 1979, the company took the name Simpson Holdings Limited and in 1986, it again merged with another company. This time the firm in question was Email Limited, a manufacturer of refrigeration products based in New South Wales. In 1999, the company fell on hard times and was sold off in units, and the appliance manufacturing sector of Simpson Holdings was purchased by Electrolux, a Swedish appliance manufacturer based in Stockholm.

After Electrolux purchased Simpson, manufacturing continued in Adelaide until 2006. At that time, the manufacturing plant in the city was closed and moved overseas; however Electrolux continues to sell washing machines and dryers under the Simpson brand name throughout Australia. The Simpson lineup is designed as an affordable option for those who need a basic washing machine or clothes dryer.

Of all the washing machines made under the Simpson brand name, the Simpson SWT554 5.5kg EZI Set Top Load Washer is the best selling model. Despite its affordable price, the washing machine is packed with features to make it easy to use and efficient. An example is the soak feature, which takes the place of a washtub or bucket. By activating the feature, the drum of the washer can be filled with water and then drained once the washing has had adequate soaking time. The washing machine features 11 programs and has an extra heavy-duty lid for added durability.

The EZI Set control panel is one of the washer’s best selling points. Rather than having a complicated series of buttons and dials, the control panel features easily identifiable icons that take the guesswork out of starting the wash. For most loads, just pushing one button is all that is necessary to start and set the machine. As an added bonus, the control panel features a time remaining display that allows users to know precisely when the current load will be finished washing.

The top selling Simpson dryer model is the Simpson 39S500M EZILoader Dryer, a front-loading unit that makes the perfect companion to the SWT554 washer. The door to the dryer is extra wide, making it easy to add even large loads. Additional features of the dryer include a front lint filter and a directional front venting grill. For added safety, the model has a child safety lock and a safety thermostat heater, and like all Simpson appliances, is available for a great price at Bing Lee.

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