What to Look for When Buying a Fridge

As a must-have appliance in any kitchen, modern fridges have made remarkable advancements over the years. A far cry from the bulky boxes of yesteryear, today’s fridges are designed to keep food fresher and make lives easier – and look good doing it. Automatic Defrosting Apart from having to take all your food out into room temperature for defrosting, ice build-up in your fridge can be a huge pain to get rid of. But with automatic defrosting, we have an innovative solution to this problem. By cycling between cooling and short periods of slight warming, a fridge with automatic defrosting ensures you don’t lose valuable storage space every few months. Power Failure Systems Though it may not happen often, a power failure can cost you a whole month worth of groceries in one go. State-of-the-art insulation technologies can guarantee minimal warming in the event of a power failure, with some models able to keep food fresh for up to 12 hours. They can also come with a battery powered thermostat and warning system, telling you whether the food inside is still safe. Smart Temperature Control A great feature both for maintaining freshness and conserving energy, many modern fridges monitor the temperature in multiple areas of the interior and automatically adjust when there is restricted airflow. Further, because there is no ideal one-size-fits-all temperature, compartments for different food types can be set individually, ensuring everything stays tasting the way you bought it. Water and Ice Dispenser A consistently popular feature, water and ice dispensers ensure chilled water and ice are available 24/7, perfect for when both guests and hot days are unexpected. These are great for saving on your power bill too, as they mean your fridge loses less cold from frequently opening the door. While these have been available for a while, keep a look out for modern advancements such as water filtration systems and space saving designs. Antibacterial Protection Since bacteria growth is what spoils food, keeping it at bay is the purpose of a fridge. More than just slowing it down with cold, however, many modern models come with antibacterial lining that further assists with keeping your food fresh, delicious and safe to eat.

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