Which Vacuum Cleaner is Right for My Floors?

With such an such extensive array of floor-care appliances on the market, it can be difficult to know for sure whether the vacuum cleaner you are buying is really the right one for your floors. The most popular types of floor cleaning devices are:

  • Canister or cylinder vacuum cleaners. These are light, compact units that have a long hose with a cleaner head.
  • Upright vacuum cleaners are erect units consisting of a motor, hose and beater.
  • Broom or “stick” vacs are like upright cleaners in shape, but are thinner, light-weight and do not contain rollers or beaters.
  • Handheld vacuums are small, light, cordless vacuums.
  • Steam vacs use steam to clean and sterilise both hard surfaces and carpets.
  • Shampooers use their rotating heads to massage the shampoo into the carpet.

Different floor-care appliances are suited to different types of floor coverings. Carpet Since uprights are adjustable to different heights, they are suitable for cleaning all different types of carpets. For cut pile carpets, cylinder cleaners with a turbo brush attachment are also appropriate. If you have loop pile carpets, either upright or cylinder cleaners can be used, however the turbo roller should be removed to avoid damaging the pile. For heavily soiled or stained carpets such as high-traffic areas, a carpet steamer or shampooer will deliver a deeper clean than a vacuum cleaner alone. Hard Floors Steamers, cylinder and stick vacuum cleaners are ideal for tiled, wooden or vinyl flooring. Cylinder and stick vacs are lightweight, provide great suction and are capable of gliding smoothly over bare floors without scratching. As well as removing surface debris, steamers remove stubborn residue and grime while killing bacteria. Confined and Hard-to-Reach Spaces The slender design and portability of stick vacs means they can easily access hard-to-reach areas such as stairs, round corners, edges and under furniture. Cylinder vacuums are also suitable for the task as their flexible cleaning heads make them ideal for handling difficult spaces. If storage space is an issue at your place, go for the more compact and easy to store stick cleaner over a cylinder model. For cleaning even tighter spaces like car interiors, a handheld vacuum cleaner is your best option. These vacs are also convenient for quickly cleaning small messes. Multi-Surface Cleaners If you have different types of flooring throughout your home, buying several appliances is not necessary. Most quality upright and cylinder vacs come with adjustable settings or attachments enabling them to clean anything from hardwood floors to shag pile carpets without damaging them. If you choose to go with a multi-surface cleaning unit, make sure that you read the user manual to ensure that you are using the appropriate setting or attachment properly. Pet Owners Upright vacuum cleaners are equipped with rotating motorised heads, which are great for removing pet hair. Since cylinder vacuums use only a suction-powered hose they are not as effective, even with a turbo brush attachment. Some manufacturers produce machines specifically catering to the needs of pet owners. These vacuums are designed to remove pet shedding, odors and stains from carpets.

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