HP Pavilion x360 Convertible Highlights

The Pavilion x360 home notebook is a Windows 8.1 convertible PC from HP, powered by Intel’s latest Celeron processor.

The x360 is a smart looking small sized notebook, with a soft touch red coating across the entire body . As you can see it’s very portable, and being this small is very mobile, easily being your on the road computer solution.

The HP Pavilion x360 has some neat tricks for extra functions in different situations.
The HP Pavilion x360 has some neat tricks for extra functions in different situations.

Taking a look around the device we find the power button, a USB 2 port, headset jack and volume toggle. On the other side we have an SD card slot, another USB 2 port, USB 3 port, HDMI input and ethernet port. Now it’s worth pointing out that all these are full size connections, not mini or micro, which is pretty impressive on such a small device. On the front we find a TrueVision HD Webcam with an integrated microphone that can be used with Skype and other video messaging services.

The display is an eleven point six LED touchscreen with a thirteen sixty six by seven sixty eight resolution. The x360 features Beats Audio with 2 speakers for great audio for movies and music.

Internally, the Pavilion x360 is powered by a specially designed dual core Celeron chip by Intel for mobile devices for quick response for apps and the OS. The new Intel system on a chip is specifically designed to deliver super fast response on mobile devices like this Windows 8.1 tablet, with better graphics and excellent power use.

The new Celeron processor is a powerful mobile processor that is a little brother to Intel’s core range seen in larger notebooks. Whether it’s gaming, productivity or entertainment, having Intel Inside means you will have the best mobile experience.

The x360 also features four gigabytes of RAM for superb multitasking, and a three hundred and twenty gigabyte hard drive to hold all your documents and files. Of course with the full size SD card slot card you can also expand your memory or easily transfer photos and other files to and from the Pavilion x360. If you want to share your content, it’s a cinch to use a HMDI cable to connect to your flat panel TV to show off your photos and movies.

The Pavilion x360 provides up to eleven hours of battery life thanks to the incredibly efficient intel processor. To extend the functionality and productivity of your notebook, the x360 has a very neat trick, with a 360 degree hinge connecting the touch screen to the keyboard base. What does this mean? You can twist the screen around like this and use the upside down keyboard as a stand to watch and control your screen using touch through the Windows 8.1 live tile interface. You can also lie the the screen flat on the base and hold it as a tablet as well. Amazing flexibility for such a small and affordable device.

Lastly, because the x360 uses the full blown version of Windows 8.1, you can install all the third party Windows programs you’re used to using, or discover many more apps on the Windows store. Windows 8.1 allows you to make better use of the screen with improved multi tasking, an official Facebook app, and other in-built features like multi-window mail, improving productivity – and let’s not forget the return of the smart button for better desktop-based control.

That’s the HP Pavilion x360 home notebook – portable size, touch screen, full size ports and massive flexibility in notebook, stand and tablet modes – perfect for work and play.

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