Samsung UHD and FHD Monitors

Samsung’s new range of monitors have just hit our stores and they have some great features to cover all your PC display needs.

The Stylish SD390 range is sure to stand out wherever it is. Its narrow bezel design lets you see more of the screen while illuminating a subtle hint of soft pure blue that sets an elegant glow around the monitor . Specially the 24” and 27” SD390 screen have a beautiful crystal glass like neck that holds up the monitors, providing a classic look amongst all of your computer gear. It features wide viewing angles of 178 degrees and a full HD, 1920 by 1080 resolution with both standard VGA and HDMI inputs for the majority of PC connections. The headphone out supports HDMI pass through enabling the audio portion of the content you’re watching, to go to your own headset or even to your PC sound system.

The new UHD monitor from Samsung can handle amazingly high resolution videos and images.
The new UHD monitor from Samsung can handle amazingly high resolution videos and images.

The Stunning Samsung UD590 Monitor has some incredible features to ensure your computer based viewing is both perfect for today as well as into the future. Visually, the minimalist design really enhances the look of any graphic or business workstation.

With video content, and particularly PC based content moving towards higher resolutions, the UD590 has a native ultra-high definition resolution of 3840×2160 to cater for UHD/4K content as it becomes more common.

So whats the difference? – a full HD computer screen has approximately 2 million pixels, whereas the UD590 has approximately 8 mllion pixels, This means it can deliver much more detail which can be critical when editing and viewing high resolution images on screen.

With a fast response time of just 2 milliseconds, fast moving images will be delivered crystal clear, judder free  with no ghosting. And with 1 billion – yes, 1 billion colours, images are presented more accurate, giving and life like image quality with smoother colour gradients.

Also UD590’s UHD upscaling technology can automatically detect the content’s original resolution and improve it to create clearer, sharper images using Samsung’s unique algorithm and noise reduction technology.

Offering 2 HDMI 1.4 and a Display port, Samsung has you connected digitally. And you can easily Multi-task with features such as Picture in Picture so you can work, watch videos or even connect a games console simultaneously and it still maintains 100% of the source resolution! So whether it’s 1080p ,720p or 480p, Samsung’s PIP 2.0 doesn’t downscale content but maintains the exact same resolution.with no loss in quality.

And finally Game mode. Game mode gives gamers optimised gaming at a touch of a button,when active, Game mode increases contrast, enhances colour and reduces lag by smartly detecting the changes in scene…what does this mean? A greater gaming experience.

That’s Samsung’s new range of monitors – designed  to cater for your display needs today and into the future,.


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