Samsung’s Powerbot Is The Coolest Robot Vacuum Ever

We’ve just taken delivery of a brand new vacuum cleaner, and let’s just say up front that it doesn’t fit the standard idea of a cleaning machine… at all. We think that it really does look like something Michael Bay would dream up for one of his robot fighting blockbuster movies.

The vacuum in question is the new Powerbot from Samsung – even the name delivers a action flick sensibility. This is a robot vacuum that is actually a vacuum, in that it uses suction power to clean in addition to its brushes.

This Samsung robot means business... cleaning business!
This Samsung robot means business… cleaning business!

You can send it out to battle dusty and dirty areas using the supplied remote, or let it work its own way around your house. It actually creates a map of the house and cleans as efficiently as possible.

And try this for smart – when it gets low on battery power, the Powerbot returns to its charging station, and then gets back out into the field to complete its job, starting where it left off!

If you think this sounds more like some kind of sentient cleaning robot than a standard robot vacuum, the folks at Samsung feel the same way, and they’ve created a video to illustrate what they obviously had in mind when they designed and produced this beast of a robo-vac.

Enjoy, and have a great weekend!

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