Bosch WAY32540AU Washing Machine Highlights

Even if it does sound old-fashioned, Bosch are still building their appliances the way they did 125 years ago. Their standards have always remained the same: nothing leaves their factory until it is 100% perfect in terms of quality, performance and sustainability.

Their laundry products are a perfect example of this, and let’s look at one today – the 8kg Home Professional front load washing machine.

First of all, it’s very user friendly. Stylish, straightforward control panel with JogDial for easy selection of wash programs, spin speeds, temperature and other functions.

This front loader delivers gentler, swifter washing, thanks to the uniquely designed glass porthole window. The glass of the special asymmetrically curved porthole softly projects into the VarioSoft™ drum. It gently returns washing back into the centre of drum on each rotation, ensuring even circulation.  It’s also powerful, durable, quiet and efficient. That’s the brushless motor that provides better overall washing performance.

The unique system with its special vario-soft drum design, two drum action and asymmetrical porthole, ensures top washing results and longer lasting fabrics. The AntiVibration™ design of the side walls provides more stability and reduces vibrations. It also helps regulate noise levels, making it very quiet during the spin cycle.

This Bosch also uses sensors to make your washing cycles more efficient. A network of intelligent sensors automatically control the wash process that not only ensures perfect wash results, but minimal water and energy consumption. An automatic load sensing function, which adapts the water consumption to the relevant load size. This means that 1 kg of laundry can be washed just as efficiently as a full 8 kg load.

The AquaStop™ system provides 100% protection against water damage. Bosch guarantees it for the entire service life of the appliance.

This Bosch Home Professional front loader also offers special washing cycles. Allergy Plus uses a  higher water level, extra rinse cycles and a higher water temperature to wash away detergent residues left in the laundry for exceptional hygienic cleaning. Good news for those with sensitive skin.

The Express 15 is a short wash program of approximately 15 minutes for up to 2 kg of lightly soiled washing. Packing in a wash, two rinse cycles and improved rinse spinning, this is one of the shortest complete wash programs.

That’s the Bosch 8 kilogram Home professional front load washing machine with ecosilence – enjoy supremely quiet operation and excellent durability.

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