Fisher & Paykel WA80T65FW1 Washing Machine Highlights

Top load washers are a great option if you want to avoid excessive bending and crouching. Whether it’s your fav shirt or your most loved toy, this machine will deliver the ultimate clothes care.

This machine is powered by SmartDrive, a world-first technology that delivers better clothes care and reliability. Smartdrive top loaders spin to a maximum of one thousand rpm, removing as much as two and a half litres more water than other top loaders to reduce drying times.

Fisher & Paykel SmartDrive™ machines are made of just three main parts: a small computer, a flexible agitator, and a simple direct-drive motor. This means washing machines that can sense each load, use less water and run with less moving parts.

All smartdrive washers have a self cleaning lint disposal system. The water and lint are drawn down the agitator and through the inner and outer bowls, and the holes in the stainless bowl trap the lint, which is flushed down the drain. This is a hygienic way of dealing with lint, there’s no need for you to touch the lint and no contamination of micro-organisms growing in filters.

The smartdrive control system uses an in-built thermometer to precisely mix water to the required temperature. This helps save power by making washing in cooler temperatures possible throughout the year.

In the active Eco-Active™ Wash  cycle, a small volume of warm sudsy water is re-circulated through the clothes in a cascade effect. Then after this “pre-soak”, cooler water is added and it agitates to finish the wash. The Eco Activewash saves energy, but best of all it achieves a better clean.

There are 13 Lifestyle cycles including Allergy, Muddy, Sports shoes, Duvet/Doona, Nappy Rinse and many more.

Fabric Sensing is achieved using the flexible finned agitator; the computer measures the resistance of fabrics to specific agitator actions. It senses the average fabric mix and optimises the wash cycle for it, including water level, wash action, time and rinse. With just two button presses you get expert wash results.

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