Netgear Arlo Home Security Highlights

Arlo is the first and only smart home security system with crystal clear HD video and one hundred percent wire-free cameras which can be used indoors or outdoors. Arlo is easy to use, and can be installed in under 10 minutes.

Let’s go through the quick and easy installation. First connect the base station to your router using the ethernet cable that comes in the box. Then connect the power adapter and turn the base station on. Download the Arlo app by searching for Arlo in the App Store for iOS or Google Play for Android.

Launch the app and create your arlo account for secure access to your cameras and follow the on screen instructions to complete your account setup.

To get your cameras working, first insert the batteries, then bring your cameras within one meter of the base station.  Press the sync button on the side of the base station and wait for the sync status LED to blink green. Hit the sync button on top of the camera until the blue LED blinks. If sync is successful, the blue LED will blink rapidly. Now you’re ready to place them wherever you need them.

Since Arlo cameras are one percent wire free, and indoor/outdoor friendly, they can be placed almost anywhere inside or outside your home. Arlo cameras have a flat base so they can be placed on a flat surface, like a bookshelf, or mounted to the wall using the magnetic camera mount.

The supplied magnetic wall mount can be secured using the provided hardware. For the best motion detection performance, it is recommended to place your cameras at least 2 metres above the floor, aimed slightly down. A helpful tip for aiming your cameras is to use the position mode found in the camera settings tab of your Arlo app. It lets you to make near real time adjustments to your camera’s position while watching your video feed.

Before finalising your camera placement, just check your Arlo app to make sure your cameras are in range and have good signal strength as seen here.

You can set rules for each camera – to activate when motion is detected, to record for a preset amount of time, and an alert to a selected email address. That way you will be notiified whenever an event that might need your attention occurs.

Arlo includes cloud video storage and the ability to share your cameras clips with others. The library is where all your recordings are kept. To see clips from a particular camera, tap on the green shortcuts square in the top left corner of your camera view. To see all clips, tap on the library tab. If a date is highlighted on the calendar, that means there is a recording on that day. Simple.

To view a video, simply select the date of the recording and choose the video. You can also manage various videos all at once. From the library page, tap select and highlight the clips you want to manage. Selected videos can be shared, downloaded, deleted or marked as favourites.

To share your camera and recorded clips, you’ll need to set up friends. Go to settings, friends and then add new friends by tapping the plus sign. Your friends will only see the cameras that you share with them. And don’t worry, you can always change your friend’s access at any time.

As you can see, the Arlo Smart Home Security pack is a flexible and powerful in home camera solution. And with no cords or wires, there’s no worries.

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