BELKIN WeMo Connected Home Range at Bing Lee

With the release of Belkin’s Home automation is now within reach of anyone with a smartphone and wireless network. With this new range of smart connected products, you can be in control of lighting, turn appliances on and off from your powerpoint and keep an eye on your home when you’re not around.

Belkin’s Wemo range is really simple to setup and use. This is because the entire range is modular, meaning you can start with just one or a couple of Wemo devices, and then add on as you require. Everything seamlessly links back to your wireless router, with most components connecting back to your router directly.

Everything is controlled by a free app that you can download and use on your Android Smartphone or iPhone. In fact, you don’t need a computer to get your Wemo devices connected at all – just use the Wemo app to identify and connect your Wemo device to the network. After that, you can monitor and control your WeMo products from inside your house or halfway around the world.

Here’s some of the WeMo components that are now available. The WeMo LED lighting starter set is a great way to get started with your smart home control. This pack comes with two smart light LEDs in your choice of either bayonet or screw-in. The starter pack comes with the WEMO link, which is the central control unit for the WeMo light bulbs. The beauty of this WeMo link system is that you can connect up to 50 WeMo light bulbs and control each one of them.

Using the Wemo link, the light bulbs and the WeMo app, you can turn your lights on and off, dim them for different mood lighting, and schedule them to automatically switch on or off. Group your light bulbs into locations or rooms and control them individually or together.

The WeMo switch lets you turn appliances on and off from an external location. For example, if the weather suddenly turns chilly while you’re out, you can turn on your electric heater remotely. Like the light bulbs, you can also put appliances connected to the WeMo switch onto a power schedule.

The Wemo Insight switch adds energy consumption tracking as well. You can track the usage of any appliance plugged into the Insight switch, and you can export that data to look closer at energy use and cost, a great tool to minimising your power bill.

The Belkin Netcam HD is a great security addition to your house, which also connects directly to your router and delivers high definition images to your smartphone via the Belkin Netcam app. It’s not just streaming live video from your cameras, you can also record the vision and sound from the room that’s being covered by the Netcam. The NetCam HD also comes with infrared night vision, for perfect monitoring any time of day.

Home Automation is simpler than ever with Belkin’s WeMo range of smart home devices.

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