SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S2 Range

The brand new GALAXY Tab S 2 range has now been released and available at Bing Lee, and we’re here to show you what it’s all about. The Tab S 2 comes in two models – an 8 inch and 9.7 inch model. Both models are designed for portability, with a slim profile and lightweight body. The durable metal frame and stylish polished finish will turn heads.

The 8 inch model fits comfortably in one hand for ebook reading, casual video watching, social media updating and browsing. The 9.7 inch model is great for big screen movie enjoyment, with a larger display for immersive gaming and entertainment as well as productivity sessions. Both models are the thinnest and lightest Galaxy Tablets yet and come in distinctive white and black bodies.

It’s fair to say the most important aspect of a tablet is its display, and the Samsung Tab S 2 does not disappoint, in fact it bowls you over with its Super AMOLED display. Videos and movies are delivered with incredible detail and colour. The 4 by 3 ratio fills your display with content, whether you’re web browsing or writing an email, with natural book-like proportions.

The resolution is astounding, with a 2048 by 1536 resolution, making text and images crystal clear and easy on the eye. And it doesn’t matter what environment you’re in, the screen adjusts to ensure you’re getting the optimum viewing whatever the lighting conditions are when you’re using selected Samsung apps such as gallery, video player and browser.

The Tab S 2 range has a fingerprint scanner built in for extra security and even payments, maximising the security for the data on your device and the financial transactions you want to make while online. You can even create different profiles with multi-user mode so that only the data for that user is accessible, and they don’t need to remember a password, just touch their finger on the home button.

Multi-window optimises your productivity and entertainment when you need to be doing two things at once. For example, have your browser open while you type an email, or watch a video while you read up on the show’s latest updates. For work and play, multiwindow streamlines your activities. Speaking of productivity, the new Tab S 2 range comes has Microsoft Office built in with Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint and OneNote out of the box, along with 100GB of free OneDrive storage so you can keep business going wherever you are.

With AC wireless capability, you can stream high quality video and music to be entertained on the go.  There’s also ultra power saving mode that turns your screen to black and shuts off non essential apps so you can still use your Tab S 2 when the battery is low.

Both models also have an eight megapixel camera and takes great low light photos, along with a 2.1 megapixel front camera for selfies and video chats. There are preinstalled modes and filters to get creative with your shots.

That’s the new Tab S 2 range – stylish, visually impressive and perfect for productivity and entertainment on the go.

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