How to do your laundry in Winter!


Winter brings with it cooler days, earlier nights and longer drying times for your clothes. Using the best washing products, alternative drying methods over the cooler months will help breathe life and longevity to your clothes.

Embrace Fabric Care Technology

Modern washing machines have become advanced with their fabric care technology, a vast range of settings to cater for every type of load which not only saves you time but can clean clothes better than hand washing or soaking. Fabric care technology ranges from bio-care wash – great for young families cleaning baby clothes, to delicates, silks and hand wash options.

Consider the LG 11kg Front Load Washer, this machine has TrueSteam® technology which has the ability to fluff up fabric fibres to allow steam particles to clean on a microscopic level. Instead of saturating the stain with just one (1) drop of water, 1,600 individual steam particles attack the stain. As an added bonus you won’t forget about your load of washing in the machine again because it has SmartThinQ™ technology which lets you remotely start or monitor your wash progress.

Do Multiple Loads in One Go


If you’re taking on that never ending pile of clothing in your laundry every week, why not do it all in one (1) day instead of struggling through load after load of washing?

Larger tub washing machines are fast becoming the preferred choice of busy Australians. Machines like the Fisher & Paykel 12kg Front Load Washer with ActiveIntelligence™ Technology can wash both small and large loads as well as bulky items like a king size feather duvet. The wide opening door makes it easy to load and unload. With the accurate water level sensor makes it highly efficient at washing different load sizes.

Furthermore, modern washing machines are fitting into our lifestyles now. Have you ever put a load of washing on only to immediately find a stray sock at the bottom of the clothes hamper? With the new Samsung AddWash™ you’ll be able to quickly drop in anything extra during the wash –  be it the stray sock or a hand-washed garment for final rinsing.

Exploit All Drying Methods


Washer-Dryer combos have long been embraced in countries like the UK where winter weather reigns supreme. Not only are they great for maximising your space it gives you the option of having a dryer as well. The front load washer and dryer combos allow you to mount it on a wall or tucking away in a cupboard, meaning even small apartments can have a full laundry in one (1) machine. And what can be better than putting a load of clothes on in the morning before you leave for work and know you’ll have a load of clean and dry clothes waiting for you when you walk back in the door. If you’re worried about creased work clothes because you can’t pull them out of the machine immediately, machines like the Miele Washer/Dryer Combo have  an anti-crease action which ensures that the laundry is loosened at regular intervals and does not crease.

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