Bing Lee Welcomes Beko to Australia

Bing Lee is delighted to be able bring Beko, recognised as one of the world’s leading brands for consumer whitegoods, to homes throughout Australia. Known for exceptional quality and high energy efficiency, the Beko brand is one of the top 10 whitegoods brands in the world and the bestselling whitegoods brand in the UK. The new range of Beko products available in Bing Lee stores include fridge-freezers and freezers, washing machines and dryers, dishwashers, and upright cookers. We warmly invite you to come into your nearest store to view these exciting premium appliances, where our friendly and knowledgeable product specialists will be happy to demonstrate the benefits of choosing Beko.

Leading the Way with Exceptional Quality

Backed by efficient European engineering, Beko’s award-winning designs have a well-deserved reputation for excellent quality. Every appliance is precision-engineered for ultimate convenience and functionality. A few examples of how Beko leads the way in building superior quality appliances:

  • Refrigerators that feature self-closing doors, spill-proof shelves, temperature-controlled multizone compartments, and inbuilt ionic antibacterial protection. Thanks to Beko’s active fresh blue light technology, the process of photosynthesis continues right in your fridge to keep fruit and vegetables fresher for longer.


  • Fridges and fridge-freezers renowned for being able to function in unheated exterior buildings such as garages and sheds. While other brands require that the appliance be used in temperatures no lower than 10 degrees Celsius, Beko fridge-freezers and freezers can be used in areas with temperatures as low as -18 degrees Celsius.


  • Washing machines that automatically adjust water levels to suit the type of fabric and size of load. You can choose from wash cycles specific to pet hair removal, allergy sensitivity, dust mite elimination for bedding, blanch-resistant for jeans, cold and quick wash options, and more.


  • Dryers that can dry up to 4kg of laundry in just one hour, saving you valuable time. Advanced sensors know exactly when to stop the machine once clothes have reached your desired level of dryness, and the anti-crease capability of Beko dryers can deliver wrinkle-free laundry for many fabric types – no need for ironing.


  • Dishwashers that include the quickest ‘A’-rated model in the world. Featuring active-fan drying that dries your dishes right in the machine, anti-bacterial seals for superior hygiene, and Aquaflex sensors that regulate wash intensity according to the level of cleaning required, Beko dishwashers are serious high performers.


Saving Energy with Efficient Engineering

Beko has earned a stellar reputation for creating energy and water efficient appliances. In fact, the most energy efficient washing machine in the world was designed by Beko! Beko appliances come with water and energy star ratings of at least 3 (Excellent), and in many cases higher. Because they are smart-engineered, Beko appliances intuitively use the minimum amount of water and energy required to clean, wash, chill, freeze or cook. Fantastic for the planet, appliances with energy and water efficient design are great for you as well, since they have lower running costs and power bills. Excited to learn more? The full range of Beko products can be found in all Bing Lee stores, with some products available online. Look around our website or your nearest store to see what Beko can do to make your home more convenient and efficient. And remember, at Bing Lee, “Everything’s Negotiable”.

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