LG Roboking Square Robotic Vacuum

If you’re looking for a way to keep your home’s floor dust free but lead a busy lifestyle out of the house, then look no further. The LG Roboking Square could be your answer – and you won’t have to lift a finger. Let’s check it out.

The Roboking Square is an intelligent, robotic vacuum that will clean your floors while you work, play or relax. It comes with a remote control and a home station that the Roboking returns to when it needs to recharge. How smart is that?

Now we all know how hip it is to be square, but when it comes to cleaning it’s also very practical. Why? Just as the Roboking Square has more defined corners, its ability to actually get as close to the corners of your walls are also improved. But it doesn’t mean corners will become battered by an enthusiastic robotic vacuum. The Roboking Square also has corner detecting technology, meaning it will avoid collisions with walls while getting close enough for the most effective clean, and the side brushes are also longer so it can reach deeper into corners.

Just like all good robots, the Roboking Square has two eyes, one on top and one on the bottom. The top one is for mapping the ceiling so it can better plan its cleaning trip without going over the same spot multiple times. It can deal with different lighting conditions in each room for more efficient photo mapping. It keeps the cleaning environment in memory so it becomes more efficient with its cleaning runs over time. The lower eye is for tracking the floor and helps it get under furniture where dust can really build up.

But for real smarts, check this out. If you move the Roboking square, it will use its map information within its memory to keep on cleaning, but won’t go over the area that it’s already cleaned.

You can be even more specific with your cleaning needs, by using the remote control to drive your roboking around a perimeter you need cleaned. Once your created that border, the Roboking will zig zag within that defined space and clean just that area.

Now, you’d expect robotic cleaners like the Roboking Square to be quite effective on hard floors, but what about carpet. Well, the Roboking Square has two features that make sure your carpets are attended to as well.

First, check out the oversize wheels, which provide more traction to get from floor to carpet. These are driven by a powerful motor to climb onto high carpet. Secondly, the smart turbo cleaning mode automatically provides a higher suction power to grab dirt, particles and hair from the carpet. When the cleaning is done, just retrieve the bagless canister for easy disposal of the dirt and dust.

The Roboking Square also uses a Hepa filter to optimise allergen capture, and it’s quiet enough to use while you’re at home watching TV or talking on the phone.

That’s the Roboking Square – great in corners and on carpet – a true cleaning robot.

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