Canon Captures the Community Spirit

In 1933, a company called Kwanon became the first in Japan to create a 35-millimeter camera with a focal plane shutter. This new design placed the shutter directly in front of the film, resulting in a more compact design and a camera that was able to take pictures more quickly than earlier models. The unique design of this revolutionary camera launched Kwanon into international fame, and the company still creates some of the most acclaimed cameras and optical devices in the world. In the present day, these cameras are produced under the brand name Canon, the name that Kwanon adopted in 1947. Canon established Canon Australia in 1978, and since then, the branch has grown to include offices in all five of the mainland states. Headquartered in North Ryde, Sydney, the company employs more than 1,200 people. Throughout the world, Canon is known for its continued innovation, which is possible because of the company’s continued research and development work. Each year, Canon reinvests 10 percent of its profits into developing new products and improving former designs and has been among the top three companies receiving patents in the U.S. for more than a decade. Through all of the company’s successes, Canon has remained a firm dedicated to giving back to its customers and to the planet. The corporation describes its approach to working toward the common good as “kyosei,” and in keeping with its philosophy, launches projects in all of its markets to better the lives of the people and wildlife who live there. Each year, Canon sponsors an Environmental Grants Program, which gives funding to communities with projects that protect local flora and fauna. The company also sponsors the Canon Australian Professional Photography Awards, which recognizes and rewards top Australian photographers. Creating high quality cameras continues to be a focus of Canon, and in Australia, the brand’s point-and-shoot cameras are among the most popular styles available under the Canon name. Bing Lee carry the most popular and latest models of these cameras in our stores, intended to produce professional quality results without users having to make adjustments each time they are ready to take a picture. The Canon PowerShot line has won numerous awards in Australia and abroad since its introduction, and its latest model, the Canon G1X has been met with much acclaim. This new PowerShot camera includes the HS SYSTEM, a high sensitivity sensor that cuts down on blurriness, even when subjects are in motion. In addition to cameras, Canon is widely known for its collection of printers. Particularly its PIXMA range of inkjet models, are available at Bing Lee. One of the newest additions to this lineup is the Canon MG6250 PIXMA All-In-One printer, which creates professional quality photographic prints. The printer features Google Cloud Print and allows users to print images from the Internet directly without the need to first browse to them on a computer. The model also includes WiFi for communicating with laptops, cell phones and tablet computers. All of Canon’s printers use only the finest quality inks and are designed to be more energy efficient than other designs as a part of the company’s efforts to protect the planet.

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