Student’s Guide to Living Large in a Small Apartment

Thanks to reality television shows like MTV Cribs, we’ve all been given a glimpse into the opulent lifestyles of Hollywood’s A-listers. Clearly this level of extravagance is well beyond the means of most of us and particularly if you are a student. Let’s face it, making the commitment to study goes hand in hand with living in a tiny apartment or dorm room and skimping on many luxuries. With so little cash to splash you have to be selective with how you treat yourself. Here are a few high-tech solutions that allow you to live large in a small apartment, on a student’s limited budget.

Home Computing


Having a laptop is great when you’re on campus, but when you are at home working off a wide-screen makes life so much easier. But don’t just spend your money on getting a computer monitor. You need to get a wide-screen that will serve as your television as well. Small LCD TVs are available from around $250 from quality brands such as Samsung and Palsonic. Pair the monitor with your laptop or hook it up to a separate PC, which can also provide extra storage space to ensure you always have a back-up for your work. Use a wireless keyboard and mouse combo with your widescreen to make those hours slaving away on assignments even easier.



MP3 docking systems are compact and powerful enough to provide quality sound to a confined area like your small apartment. Docking speakers are available in a range of funky designs for less than $150. Many docking systems are wireless or portable, which is handy for when you want to party outdoors with your friends. For even better sound quality invest in a micro-system. Many of these devices can be wall-mounted and are small enough to fit on a study desk or bedside table. Not only can a micro-system be used as an iPod or MP3 player dock, they can be connected to your other media devices to enhance your viewing or gaming experience.



Multifunctional capacity is the key to saving space and stretching your dollar further, and this is where gaming consoles represent another great investment of your finite funds. Enjoy the sweet escape of playing your favourite games, watch DVDs, listen to music, surf the net and record your favourite television shows right there on your gaming console.

Student Kitchen Essentials


Ok, so you can’t exactly afford your own chef, but there are a few luxury kitchen items to make your life easier and save you money in the long run.


Pizza Maker – for less than $150 you can make your own pizza, Turkish bread, naan and pasties at home. Your homemade pizzas will taste so much better than the takeaways everyone else is getting.


Sandwich maker – toasties are the staple food for students, so sink your cash into a good appliance that will last.


Coffee maker – with as little as $200 you can make café style coffees at home – a godsend when pulling all-nighters to meet your assignment deadlines.

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