Choosing the Perfect Coffee Machine

DeLonghi Magnifica Coffee Machine
If you really love your coffee, maybe it’s time to move up to something like this Delonghi Magnifica, with its impressive engineering. Available now at Bing Lee.

With coffee displacing tea as Australia’s pick-me-up of choice, it’s no surprise that coffee machines are becoming more and more popular in Australian homes.

Choosing one that’s right for you can be a confusing task with the huge range available. Perhaps the biggest decision to make is whether to go with an automatic or manual machine.

The benefits of an automatic machine that it’s easy to use, consistent and quick. And does it ever come in handy for that round of coffee and cake after a dinner party! Automatic machines let you wow your guests with ease and let you get back to being a good host as quickly as possible. If you consider yourself a real coffee aficionado, however, an automatic machine is as much a heinous crime as wine in a box is for wine lovers.

A manual machine and a little bit of artistry can make a truly mind-blowing cup of coffee to make your day and impress absolutely anyone.

One recent innovation in coffee machines is the introduction of pod machines. These machines combine the best worlds of automatic machines and gourmet flavours. Using one is as easy as inserting a pod into the machine, pressing a button and enjoying some world class coffee.

Further functionality is best determined by how a good cup of coffee fits into your lifestyle. Those who need to dash out the door early in the morning will certainly appreciate a machine that accommodates a thermos, while those who like to leisurely sip a few cups over the morning news may enjoy a machine with warming trays to keep their hot coffee hot.

You get café quality at home in less than a minute, and it’s a great-looking addition to your stylish modern kitchen. Breville Nespresso machines are available now at Bing Lee in a variety of styles and colours.

Finally, taking your décor into consideration will be an important step in choosing a coffee machine. Even if you don’t care how it looks, coffee often serves as the grand finale to a dinner party and as such, the coffee machine itself needs to impress. Many people agonise over the perfect machine to be the focal point in the kitchen or dining table as much as they would over carpets and curtains. Thankfully, most manufacturers are well aware of this fact and an ugly coffee machine is a rare find – you definitely won’t find one in our stores, at least!

Coffee machines aren’t like other appliances where only one or two features are most people’s main deciding factors. Indeed, everyone likes their coffee a certain way and finding the perfect machine is less about “bigger and better” and more about making it a truly personal choice.

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