Irons vs Garment Steamers

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Looking great is just as much about keeping your clothes neat as it is about choosing the right wardrobe.

But getting your garments to look just right can be a tricky process for many people. While the debate between irons and garment steamers rages on, it still seems to be that either of them can work better for different people.

You’ve no doubt seen how irons work: a high temperature surface is applied to clothes on an ironing board, which flattens them out. Steamers, as their name suggests, deliver steam to the fabric, softening the threads to loosen creases and folds.

While ironing has been a time tested method for decades, one major problem with it is that the combination of heat and force applied to the fabric ends up damaging it. Over time, you may notice fraying and fading in the fibres, leading to a somewhat ‘fluffy’ feel to your garments.

As steamers take a more gentle approach to easing out creases, clothes last longer. Further, irons require a bit of skill to get clothes looking right. Many people find that ironing can be a very tedious and time-consuming task, whereas steaming is only slightly more complicated than pointing at creases.

Another big advantage of steamers is that their functionality isn’t just limited to garments. Since they don’t need a flat surface to work, you can apply them to curtains, cushions and any other fabric product. As a bonus, the steam is quite effective at disinfecting surfaces. This is not to say ironing has nothing over steaming.

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While a quick steam will make any garment look presentable, a little bit of skill in ironing can make it look stunning. This is particularly true with garments that require clearly defined creases in certain places, such as men’s dress shirts. Due to garment steamers not having a defined edge, these little touches aren’t possible. Even more, an iron is far more effective on stiff areas such as collars and cuffs.

Overall, those who live life on the go will likely prefer a garment steamer due to its simplicity. But for those who just have to look their best, an iron is irreplaceable.

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