Dashcam – The In Car Security Revolution

If you’ve ever had a prang, or come back to your car park spot after shopping to find an unexplained dent, then you’ve probably wished you could easily have captured the moment. Now you can, with a new kind of product called the “dashcam”.

Dashcams are in car cameras that allow you to retain video evidence of any incident on or around your vehicle. Think of it as a “black box” for your car. Dash cameras are quite inexpensive but can be very useful, and not just for recording accidents, a function which has provided Dashcams with the “crashcam” label. Let’s have a look at the different functions that a Dashcam could have, depending on their features.

Protection against fraudulent insurance claims: While we’re not suggesting that Dashcams are admissible in court or are recognised by insurance companies, merely having the record of an accident or minor collision are enough to deter would be fraudsters from making a false claim against you.

“Away from car” security: Some dashcams have proximity sensors, activating the dashcam recorder if it feels a bump or sudden movement even when it’s in standby mode. Like having home cameras, having a record of an incident while you are absent may help mitigate insurance issues.

Driving monitoring: If you wear a pedometer or a sports watch, chances are you’ll be more likely to walk or run further and keep looking at your performance. The same applies to dashcams – install this in your car and activate it when you’re lending your car to a younger driver, such as your teenage son or daughter, and it will be more likely that they will obey the road rules and drive in a more careful manner. Knowing that you will be able to observe their driving habits later will constantly remind them to drive safe.

Capture world events: In Russia, a meteor shower was captured by numerous amounts of dashcams, and were instantly uploaded to YouTube and broadcast around the world. You too can be part of this global phenomenon – you never know when something spectacular might happen right in front of your… well, dashboard!

It seems we’re living in a POV or “point of view” world and dashcams are part of that revolution. Join in now! Here’s a couple of products to check out if you’re interested: http://www.binglee.com.au/uniden-igocam800-accident-cam-vehicle-recorder http://www.binglee.com.au/uniden-igo-cam-300-accident-cam-vehicle-recorder

One thought on “Dashcam – The In Car Security Revolution”

  1. Whats great about the dashcam is that these recording camera devices basically sit on your car windscreen and record automatically when you start your vehicle ignition. It seamlessly captures everything on the road while you are driving. A fantastic product to monitor the family and kids undergoing their learn licence.

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