GoPro – Not Just For Extreme Sports

GoPro is the camera that has taken the world by storm. By now most of us would have seen the incredible first person perspectives of people jumping out of planes, skiing down incredible slopes and driving (and drifting) on the fastest race tracks. But as much as we would aspire to be that extreme sports person, not all of us are equipped, or have the desire to cheat death for a great YouTube video. But it doesn’t mean that we can’t use the GoPro in some creative ways.

We’ve heard some great stories of GoPros being strapped on pet dogs, or on our children’s heads while they run around. It’s actually interesting to see the world from a kid’s perspective – they seem to look up at the world and at us, a lot. In fact GoPro and action cameras in general, are one of the biggest growing camera categories.

The ability to simply capture, edit and share with very little hassle, along with the Facebook and YouTube services, has made the humble action camera a necessity for any traveller, bike rider, bush walker or anyone with an active lifestyle. So if you’re looking at a GoPro and wondering just how you would use it, here a short video of a new GoPro Hero 3 Silver Edition strapped to the top of a remote control car. Once the car is off and running, the low road perspective of the camera provides a unique view of the remote control car… and then you see some giant legs going past, and it all makes sense! The best way to watch this, and most GoPro content, is to watch in HD, so make sure you change the video quality to 720p or 1080p. For more information, visit

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