Great Reasons to Own a PC Tablet

The PC tablet is the latest innovation in consumer computers. As many laptop users make the switch to a PC tablet, the primary reasons are increased portability and user friendliness. What exactly is it about this emerging device that makes it excel so much in these areas? Accessibility With no keyboard and more efficient use of hard drive space, PC tablets are much smaller and lighter than most laptops. The most important outcome of this fact is that not only can you take them anywhere, you can easily use them while on the move. Whether waiting for a train or walking down the street, the efficient design of a PC tablet means it’s accessible anywhere. Battery Life Again an effect of efficient hardware and software design, PC tablets feature a fantastic battery life, with most of them claiming in excess of seven hours of usage from one charge, with some of the better ones boasting up to twelve hours. In contrast, most laptops are lucky to last five hours. Functionality A common feature from PC tablet manufacturers is an online marketplace where hundreds of both free and paid applications can be downloaded and installed within seconds. The advantage here is just how amazingly easy it is to customize your PC tablet to suit your needs. No fiddling around with CDs, serial keys and registration. Most of the time, you need only search for what you want on the marketplace, click install and it’s done faster than you can read this article. Uninstalling is a breeze, too. Interactivity If you’ve ever tried to draw with a mouse, you know exactly how natural it doesn’t feel. The touch screen is a standard feature of the PC tablet and provides a direct method of interacting with what you see on your screen instead of through peripheral devices which are often clunky and counter-intuitive. While PC tablets will likely never surpass desktops in terms of raw power, they were made for one thing: to make computers more mobile than ever before. In that regard, the PC tablet definitely does its job with everything you need and nothing you don’t.

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