Health Advantages of Steam Mops

With the proliferation of cleaning products and appliances available, knowing which one is the best for you and your family is certainly a challenge.  A major consideration for many of us is what repercussions our choice in cleaning products may have on our health.  One product that offers excellent cleaning results and health advantages is the steam mop. Steam mops use the power of steam to both clean and sterilise floor surfaces.  Steam mops can be used on timber, vinyl, marble, tiles and carpets, however consumer models are generally only suitable for hard floor surfaces. Although each make and model of steam mop is unique to each manufacturer, they all operate on the same principle, using steam jets passing through a microfibre pad that is contact with the floor.  The steam blasts dirt from the floor surface while the pads trap and lift it away. There are three main health advantages of steam mops: A Sterile Clean When water reaches boiling point, steam is created.  With its intense heat, steam is capable of destroying around 99% of bacteria and mould spores. Steam can effectively destroy germs even in hard to reach places, reaching more deeply into surfaces including tiny cracks most cleaners would miss. In contrast, other cleaners such as disinfectant liquids only clean the areas they come directly into contact with.   This means that a steam mop not only cleans but also sterilises, making your home a healthier germ-free living environment. A Chemical-Free Clean Most household disinfectant cleaners use harsh chemicals to kill germs.  Many of these products also contain toxins and carcinogens that can cause cumulative damage over the long term, as well as burns or illness in the short term, particularly for children who may accidently come into contact or ingest these chemicals. To use a steam mop, all you need to do is fill the reservoir with tap water and wait for the unit to heat.  No other soaps, chemicals or sanitizers are needed because the steam does the job of disinfecting. A Green Clean Many chemicals used in cleaning are washed down drains and seep into our water supplies and soil– all of which has harmful consequences for vegetation, wildlife and human beings.  The microfibre pads used by steam mops are long lasting and re-usable, reducing the amount of waste from chemical packaging and other disposable cleaning products that end up in landfill.  Therefore, by eliminating the need to use harsh chemicals, steam mops make for a healthier planet Earth. So if you are looking for a simple, cost-effective method for cleaning your home, improving your health and helping the environment, a steam mop is definitely one appliance you should consider buying.

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