Last Minute Xmas Gift Ideas

There’s less than a week to go, and if you haven’t already picked up all the Xmas gifts you need for all your friends and family, then Bing Lee have some great ideas to get you out of trouble!

Yonanas Silver Value Pack: This frozen dessert maker has taken the world by storm, and makes healthy ice cream-style treats in only minutes. It is super easy to use – simply freeze your peeled, over-ripe bananas for a day, insert the banana in the chute and add other ingredients like nuts, chocolate and other frozen fruits – try different mixes! The Yonanas comes with a recipe book, a freezer tub and 4 popsicle makers.

Tefal Filtra Pro Deep Fryer: The Tefal FR4068 Filtra Pro Deep Fryer is the perfect addition to any kitchen. The large 4L oil capacity can feed a whole family in one go. The patented oil filtering system with easy handling ensures that you get clean oil, and the temperature ready light lets you know when your fryer is ready. Thanks to the durable stainless steel finish, you won’t see any fingerprints on the high quality model, built to last. And the removable stainless steel bowl makes cleaning that much simpler. In fact, the Tefal deep fryer can be 100% dismantled, from bowl to basket to lid and filtering mesh. To see how your food is faring, simply peer through the large viewing window. The adjustable thermostat allows for better control over your dish, so you get your fried foods just the way you want them.

Fitbit Flex Activity and Sleep Wristband: This slim, stylish device tracks steps, distance, and calories burned and shows you how you’re stacking up against your daily goals. At night, it even tracks your sleep cycle, helps you learn how to sleep better, and wakes you silently in the morning. You can access your personal stats anytime on your computer, tablet, or even from smartphones – with both iPhone and Android apps available. Flex is your perfect companion, and stays with you everywhere – even in the shower.

Revitive Circulation Booster: Great health and an active lifestyle require good circulation. Our body’s cells depend on healthy circulation to deliver oxygenated blood and nutrients to feed them, and to remove deoxygenated blood and waste from our system. If one of your loved ones experiences poor circulation due to age, a sedentary lifestyle, illness or a disability, the symptoms can affect your wellbeing and prevent you from doing the things you love. The Revitive Circulation Booster could make a great Xmas gift for parents and grandparents alike.

Samsung Kids Galaxy Tab3:  Everyone loves tablets – especially the younger generation. The Kids version of the Tab3 has been designed with the younger age group in mind, both physically and in the kind of software and user modes available. The bright orange rubber casing helps keep the Tab3 from being damaged from bumps and drops. There is a whole range of e-books, educational and entertainment apps pre-loaded to help literacy, problem solving and encourage creativity.

That’s just some of the great last minute Xmas ideas available right now, in store or online!

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