Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone

The Galaxy S4 from Samsung is full of great features to enhance your mobile life and stay connected, entertained and productive, no matter where you are.

Looking around the Galaxy S4, there’s the volume toggle, headphone jack, small mic, and then a small dot dot that is an infrared transmitter for your AV equipment. More on that later. The power button is on the side, then the Micro-usb and bottom mic.

The camera is a 13 megapixel shooter with an LED flash and a speaker down the bottom here. The back opens up with space for a microSD card slot up to 64GB and a micro Sim. The front has a 2 megapixel camera with full HD recording.

The camera has a whole bunch of settings to improve and enhance your shots. You can take a pic with some sound attached to it, have an animated photo, combine multiple images of a moving object into one image, have the best face images from multiple shots merged into the one photo, and add yourself into a shot using both cameras at once. Video calls become more interesting with the ability to show you and what you’re looking at – simultaneously.

The screen is a 5 inch , super AMOLED 1080p, so full high def display. It has a density of 441 pixel per inch. You simply can’t see individual pixels. The viewing angles are almost to the side angle of the screen so you could have two of you cosying up for an episode or YouTube clip.

Here are some unique features to the S4. First up is air gesture. If you’re on a browser and have multiple tabs open, it’s just a wave or your hand left or right to switch to the next tab. And if you’re reading and want to go down the page, it’s just a wave of your hand up or down to move the screen to the next section. This seems to be very responsive and works pretty well.

Then you have air view where you can use your own finger hovering above the screen to preview more text in an email, magnify text in a browser, or skip forward on a video – all without actually touching the screen. You can also set it to watch the movement of your head and scroll based on your head movement. Put air view and air gesture together and you have meaningful air-based functionality across quite a few apps, most of them productivity ones.

Then you have WatchOn, which uses the infrared sensor to turn your S4 into a remote control for your TV and some other devices like media players and PVRs, while also providing a channel guide based on the type of TV programs you like to watch.

There is also a driving mode which looks to be an extension of S voice with a trigger and set of commands for calling, texting, and navigating amongst others.

A couple of other notable apps that don’t appear anywhere else are S translator, which works with 10 languages on your email, sms and other selected apps. And there’s also S health, which works as a pedometer and calorie counter to help you get healthier.

All of this is powered by a quad Core Snapdragon chip buzzing away at 1.9 gigahertz. There’s 2 gig of RAM to help it keep up with all the multitasking going on with all the different apps and functions being called upon. It’s also 4G so you’ve got speed in downloads as well.

So that’s the Galaxy S4, and as you can see a great mobile device to stay connected, be entertained and enhance your productivity.

So come on in to your nearest Bing Lee store, or purchase online right now!

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