Top Features of Modern Dishwashers

Cleaning dishes was a chore that had to be repeated several times a day for most people. When the dishwasher came along, households across the world were able to save hours every week and still enjoy sparkling clean dishes. With today’s technology, modern dishwashers come packed with a range of helpful features to get the job done right. Sensor Automation This eliminates the disappointment of opening up your dishwasher to find your dishes not exactly clean in certain places. Needing only one button for all types of loads, sensors inside the dishwasher detect how much food residue is left on your dishes and automatically adjust how long and intense the wash cycle should be. As an added bonus, getting the wash cycle right every time means you save on your water and power bills. Noise Reduction If you lived in a household with the early generations of dishwashers, you’ll remember that when they’re running, it’s almost as if they want everybody to know about it. Thankfully, modern dishwashers have reduced the level of operating noise significantly. These innovations include quiet motors and stainless steel interiors for insulation. Some models may even come with a delayed start option, letting you get the dishes done when you’re out of the house. Rinse Aid Dispenser A great addition for leaving your dishes with the perfect finish, rinse aid dispensers ensure that food and residue removed during the wash doesn’t end up back on your dishes during the rinse cycle. While some washing detergents and tablets claim they include a rinse aid, separately adding your own ensures the best results. Full Range of Cycles Far from the standard handful of cycles, dishwashers now come equipped with a cycle fit for all kinds of loads and some are even ideal for washing more than just dishes and cutlery. From hardier cycles to get the toughest cheeses and greases off your plate, to crystal and china cycles requiring more finesse, nowadays it seems that if it can be washed, it can be washed in a dishwasher. Also a great addition is the hygienic sanitising cycle to guarantee that dishes don’t just look clean – they actually are clean.

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