Westinghouse Offers Green Appliances, Top Performance

Founded in 1886, the Westinghouse Electric Company constructed the first AC electricity generation plant in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. Fast forward 100 years and Westinghouse continues to be a leader in cutting edge consumer electronic technologies. You might have already experienced the incredible quality and reliability of Westinghouse appliances through the company’s other brands, which include Electrolux, Simpson, Chef, and Dishlex. At Bing Lee, Westinghouse appliances are some of our most affordable options, making them a great choice for anyone on a budget. This brand prides itself in offering green appliances that deliver top quality performance.

Changing With The Times

Though Westinghouse has been serving Australian families for years, it has made a real effort to change with the times. Since George Westinghouse started his first company over 100 years ago, Westinghouse products have been improving with each passing year. That’s why Westinghouse has become synonymous with innovation and inspired designs. Every Westinghouse product is designed to make your life just a little simpler, to help you meet the demands of today’s busy lifestyle. All Westinghouse appliances are sleek, attractive, and incredibly functional. This company has won design award after design award, proving time and again that a simple, modern appearance will never go out of style.

Environmentally Friendly, Energy Efficient Design

As a member of the Electrolux family, Westinghouse is Australasia’s leading household appliances company. Every product is made with consumers in mind, putting special emphasis on environmentally friendly and energy efficient design. These products are actually designed to save you money every time you use them!

Great Deals Every Day

Here at Bing Lee, we’re all about improving the lives of Australian consumers by offering the best products at the most competitive prices. We treat every sale as if it were our largest, with the very best customer service and the fastest shipping possible. That’s why our complete line of Westinghouse appliances includes everything you need to live a more comfortable lifestyle. Speak with one of our friendly product specialists today to enjoy the very best, most energy-efficient Westinghouse appliances – at a price you can afford!

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