Samsung XE500 ATIV Smart PC

Superseded by the new Samsung Ultrabook range.

The XE500TC Ativ Smart PC is the new Windows 8 Slate PC from Samsung. Let’s unbox and have a close look at this mobile device.

Lets take the lid off and see what we have inside. On the underside we can see a layer of foam to protect the tablet during transport. Now the first thing we see in the box is the Infinity tablet, wrapped in plastic. Directly below it is the keyboard dock. After we take the dock out, we can see the small documentation slip including a user guide and warranty, along with a cleaning cloth. Underneath that we can see the power supply and USB cable which connects to the power supply unit and to a PC.

The ATIV Smart PC is a sturdy and solid Slate. At seven and sixty grams, it’s very portable, is only nine point nine millimetres in thickness.

Taking a look around the device we find the volume toggle and the micro HDMI on this side. On the top we have a headphone output, power button, rotation lock, a USB 2 port and micro SD card slot. On the other side we have the slot for the S pen – more on that later, and on the base there is the the dock port.

On the back we have an eight megapixel camera, and on the front we find a 2 megapixel camera that can be used with Skype and other video messaging services.

The display is an eleven point six inch LED with a thirteen sixty six by seven sixty eight 768 resolution, which pumps out 400 nits of brightness allowing for a great reading and viewing experience in pretty much any indoor and outdoor environment. The two speakers sit on the sides right near the edge of the slate, providing great front firing stereo sound. The Windows button positioned below the screen takes you back to the start screen in Windows 8.

Internally, the ATIV is powered by a specially designed dual core Atom chip for tablets and slates running at one point five GHz for quick response for apps and the OS. It features two gigabytes of RAM for superb multitasking, and a sixty four GB flash drive to hold all your documents and files. Of course with the Micro SIM card you can also expand your memory or easily transfer photos and other files to and from the ATIV.

If you want to share your content, it’s a cinch to use a HMDI cable to connect to your flat panel TV to show off your photos and movies.

The ATIV Smart PC provides up to fourten hours of battery life. To extend the functionality and productivity of your Slate, the included keyboard dock provides a notebook-like experience. With the addition of two additional USB ports you can add additional peripherals and storage just like a standard PC. And when you want to take it on the go, it’s easy to undock and take the screen portion by itself.

Along with the full functionality of a Windows 8 PC, the S Pen enhanced the touch screen experience by providing a pressure sensitive stylus that can be used to edit, create and sketch on the ATIV screen. Combine that with S note and you have a handwriting recognition program that will convert your scribbled notes into a more professional document that you can edit and then share with colleagues or save for future reference.

Lastly, because the ATIV Smart PC uses the full blown version of Windows, you can install all the third party Windows programs you’re used to using, or discover many more apps on the Windows store.

So if you’re looking for a full high definition, high performance tablet that provides the best of both worlds in play and work, then the Infinity is worth considering.

So come on in to your nearest Bing Lee store, or purchase online right now!

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