Windows 8 Tablets – Windows On The Go

iPad, Android, Windows – these days there a multitude of options available when you are looking for a tablet PC. So which one is right for you? Today we’re looking specifically at the Windows tablet range, and what works well with these devices. The two Windows tablets we’re going to look at are the Asus VivoTab and the Samsung ATIV, both of which are great examples of the new generation of Windows devices. But first, a little refresher on Windows 8. There are two general types of Windows devices – ones that run Windows RT, and those that run Windows 8. The Windows RT models are very much like an iPad or Android tablet in that they run apps from their dedicated store, in this case the Windows store. On the other hand, any device, be it tablets, notebooks or desktops, that run on Windows 8, will have the same touch friendly environment and has the added benefit of being able to run all standard Windows-based programs. Now, here’s a little trick that you may not have known, but if you are a heavy iTunes user on your PC, it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to get an iPad to take your tunes and movies with you. Because both the Windows 8 tablets we’re looking at today run the full blown version of Windows, you can install iTunes on this tablet and download all your purchased content onto it, effectively turning it into a portable iTunes device, and could be an alternative to an iPad if you want to have your Windows documents and programs with you on the road. So here are two product highlights for two Windows 8 tablets. The first is the Asus VivoTab Smart, a 10.1” touchscreen with nifty features like HDMI output and NFC. Keep your eye out for more uses of NFC in the near future as more devices come with it built in. Soon you’ll be able to pay for things, transfer files and photos just by tapping the NFC area on your phone or tablet.

The second product is the Samsung ATIV Slate, which combines an 11.6” touchscreen with a keyboard dock, giving you the option to type away as you would on a notebook when you need to. This model would be a great choice if you needed to do a fair bit of document editing while you were away from your desk.

If you’re a heavy Windows user, and want the flexibility of a very mobile device that can also handle all the usual Windows programs you use day to day, then both the Asus and Samsung tablets are well worth considering.

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