HTC One M8 Smartphone Highlights

HTC - One M8 Grey - Smartphone - UNLOCKED B

The HTC One M8 is full of eye popping features to capture your life, show off your style and be entertained.

The One M8 is constructed with a unibody metal frame, with a curved back that makes holding the phone very comfortable in your hand. There are a couple of very special features to point out on the body.

Firstly, the speakers. With HTC’s Boomsound, you get two front facing speakers with built in amplifiers and bass to treble balancing software to keep your audio distortion free for you and your friends to enjoy.

While we’re on the front, the display is a 5 inch, 1080p panel with scratch resistant Gorilla Glass 3 that adjusts brightness depending on the ambient lighting, whether you are indoors or outside. Watch videos in HD, read ebooks clearly, or play games that almost pop out of the screen and add to the entertainment experience. And for all that content that you might want to load to take with you, there’s a micro SD card slot that accepts SD cards up to 128 gigabytes – giving you plenty of room for videos, music, pics and games.

There are two cameras on the back panel. The Duo camera takes photos with super fast focusing, and then allows you select which areas to blur out or bring into focus, giving you more control and creativity in your shots.

But more than that, the pixels in this camera’s sensor are much larger than other smartphone cameras, meaning it can capture significantly better images in low light. This means more opportunity to capture moments at dusk, at dawn and indoors where light might be dimmed.

HTC Zoe is an incredible photo software package that truly brings your pictures to life. While you’re taking your shot, Zoe is actually buffering images before you even press the shutter, and capturing a 3 second video. You can then edit group photos with smiling shots of individuals from the other photos that Zoe took, to make sure all the people in the group are smiling.

Zoe also creates a gallery of your photos. If you have other friends that use Zoe on their HTC, you can create cool Zoe highlights with the same event seen from different points of view. Create dynamic, unforgettable memories of your most important moments.

And finally from a navigation point of view, the HTC Sense 6 interface makes it easy to customise your homescreen environment and find the settings you need fast.

That’s the HTC One M8 – looks great, sounds great and captures your life like never before.


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