Bing Lee Store Tour with Google Glass!

If you are at all interested in technology, then you’ve probably heard of Google Glass – it’s a wearable PC that you, well, wear on your head like glasses and see a small screen floating in front of you (in the top right hand of your right side to be exact). It’s a bleeding edge product that is still in beta form and probably won’t be available for mass consumption until some time next year.

What can you do with Google Glass? You can get directions, ask Google questions, translate foreign languages on the fly, receive and send messages as well as take pictures and record video.

The last point is the aspect that we tried out in a store this week, using our Old Guildford showroom for a “customer’s-eye view” of the store, talking to a couple of the sales staff in the store, checking products and even ordering a hot espresso!

We used Google Glass to create a store tour for our customers.
We used Google Glass to create a store tour for our customers.

As Google Glass is not yet available in Australia, this is probably one of the first times that this technology has been used in a retail environment – and we’ve kept the vision and audio raw with just some editing to compress the tour down to three minutes for your enjoyment.

So sit back, relax and let us take you on a journey through our Old Guildford store

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