Easy NFC Printing With Samsung

Samsung’s new range of printers is now in store, and they come with some great new features that make it even easier to print when and wherever you need to.

Samsung's new NFC Printers let you print straight from your mobile device.
Samsung’s new NFC Printers let you print straight from your mobile device.

You may have heard of a technology standard called NFC. It stands for near field communication and it enables two devices to connect at close range. For example, you can send pics between two phones without having to do anything other than hold them next to each other. Samsung’s own S beam on the Note and S series smartphones uses this technology.

Samsung has now incorporated NFC into their new printer line up to make it even easier to connect wirelessly to your printer. So let’s see how it works.

First, download the Samsung Mobile Print app from the google play store. Next activate the mobile printing app by simply tapping the phone on the printer to make the connection. Seriously, that’s all.

Next, all you need to do is select the content you want to print from within the MobilePrint app – this can include photos, documents, even web pages. Tap the printer on this location here to print and you’re done. You can also use the mobileprint app to scan, copy and fax as well, so you can have full control on your wireless device.

So let’s look at the line up of Samsung NFC printers at Bing Lee. The SL-M2020W is a top value mono laser printer that has a very small footprint and 20 page per minute print performance.

The step up from that is the SL-M2070FW, a mono laser multifunction with the same print speed and the versatility of printing, copying, scanning and faxing. Wifi is super easy to set up with WPS mode for easy wireless network connection.

Then we have the colour models, with the SL-C410W, a single function printer that prints 18 pages per minute in mono and 4 pages per minute in full colour, with a dual core processor and easy wifi set up.

Lastly but not least, the SL-C460FW is a colour printer, copier, scanner and fax with 18 papes per minute mono output and 4 pages per minute colour document printing. The dual CPU processor makes sure documents are printed accurately and quickly and the WPS set up makes it a cinch to enable wireless printing for the entire household.

That’s the brand new Samsung laser printer range, with NFC printing built in, so you can print straight from your NFC enabled smartphone or tablet. Work smarter, easier and faster.

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