Netgear Nighthawk Router Highlights


When it comes to Wifi, milliseconds mean everything. There can be no hesitation, no delays, no interruptions and to win, you have to be faster, stronger and smarter than the competition.

Introducing the Nighthawk AC1900 Smart Wifi Router, from Netgear, the most advanced evolution in Routers, that maximises your experience with a new revolution of online gaming and streaming.

The Nighthawk Router from Netgear provides stronger, and faster Wi-fi connectivity.
The Nighthawk Router from Netgear provides stronger, and faster Wi-fi connectivity.

It’s the fastest available. No more lag during gaming and streaming. It’s stronger. Advanced beamforming plus technology locks onto and tracks wifi devices, delivering a direct signal beam that increases network speed, range and performance by up to one hundred percent.

Three external antennas couple to high powered amplifiers maximise range for total home coverage. It’s smarter. The dual core one gigaherz processor powers automatic wifi bandwidth priority for game consoles like Xbox One and 360, for the best online gameplay with no lag.

Nighthawk gives automatic high priority to streaming video services like youtube, quickflix and Vevo, ensuring uninterrupted entertainment whenever you want it.

Automatic backups for Mac And PC ensure your files are safely stored on your USB hard drive attached to the router.

The Nighthawk comes preconfigured with an easily identifiable router name and password so you can connect your modem and have a secure wireless connection straight out of the box.

The WPS, or push n connect feature lets you connect to any WPS capable device, for a quick and easy set up. If you have guests using your network, you can restrict them to just internet and prohibit access to your network drives and files.

And of course the Genie app gives you control over the router via your tablet, smartphone or notebook – no disc required. The Genie app helps you monitor usage, repair connection issues and control the router for password administration, router naming and other maintenance tasks.

The Nighthawk has two USB ports, which are powerful wireless tools in themselves. Plug in a hard drive storage device and that drive will be accessible through any other device connected to the network. If that content is music, video or photos, then you’ll be able to stream it to any DLNA device on your network. Plug a printer into the other USB port and that printer will be converted into a wireless printer for use with any computer on the network. The printer then also becomes an Airprint printer for use with iPhones and iPads.

Combining the Genie app with the DLNA functionality makes content sharing very easy. While on your smartphone use the Genie app to find content on your DLNA network, and then send that content from the hard drive to your DLNA Smart TV.

Fast, stronger, smarter. The most advanced AC Wifi router for the ultimate in interruption free gaming, steaming and mobility. The Nighthawk from Netgear – accelerate your wifi, accelerate the way you play.


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