DYSON AM09 Hot and Cool Fan Highlights

Six years ago, Dyson engineered a new solution to the old problem of conventional electric fans by developing patented Air Multiplier™ technology. This meant that Dyson Cool™ fans could deliver powerful air projection without any fast-spinning blades or dusty safety grille guards. Since then, Dyson engineers have been relentlessly improving Air Multiplier™ technology in their range of fans and fan heaters, and there’s has been an exciting new development – Dyson Hot and Cool™, now with Jet Focus technology. Launching the AM09 fan heater – it is Dysons’ latest and quietest fan heater yet.

Dyson Hot and Cool fan heaters are fast to heat the room evenly. When you come home from the cold, you need to be warmed up quickly. The new Jet Focus technology allows you to choose between personal mode for long range powerful airflow or diffused mode for wide projection to circulate the surrounding air. That means you can select the heater to not only heat the whole room, but it would heat you personally too.

You can easily select the desired setting using the remote control. Here’s how Jet Focus technology works in the new AM09 fan heater. When you select personal mode for personal heating, air is drawn in by an energy-efficient motor and directed around the loop where it is heated by PTC ceramic plates.

Warm air is powerfully accelerated from the rear aperture; where airflow is channelled into a long-range jet of heat to warm you. In diffused mode, a jet of air is also released from the second aperture at the front, and as the two jets of air meet, the airflow is guided over a 45 degree projector, creating a wide stream of powerful airflow to reach across the room.

Whether you are heating just you, or the whole room, the AM09 fan heater offers precise, energy efficient heating up to 37 degrees Celsius. It uses an intelligent thermostat to reach and maintain the target temperature, reducing any wasted energy. Plus, with a touch of a button, you can easily switch to cooling mode – so you can use the Dyson Hot and Cool fan heater all year round, no matter the weather.

Now, not only can the new AM09 fan heater heat and cool the room quickly and evenly, it’s does it quietly. In fact, the latest Dyson Hot and Cool fan heater is 75% quieter than its predecessor and the only fan heater to be awarded the Quiet Mark accreditation – an international mark of approval. The quiet operation plus the new sleep timer feature makes it perfect for night time use, as you can programme the machine to turn off after 15 minutes or at a pre-set interval up to 9 hours.

So, don’t wait till it gets cold, get ready today. The Dyson AM09 fan heater has fast even room heating, powerful cooling, and now has Jet Focus control. To find out more about the new Dyson Hot and Cool fan heaters, visit the website or drop into your nearest Bing Lee store.

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