DELONGHI Heating Solutions

During the cooler months of the year, it’s good to know Bing Lee and Delonghi has you covered when it comes to keeping you and your loved ones warm. Here are three great choices for keeping your family comfortable during winter.

This two thousand four hundred watt oil column heater features thermal slots within the fins that are designed to increase heat distribution through convective air movement, and the lower surface temperatures increases safety.

To really warm your room up quickly, this heater has a booster fan to increase heat distribution uniformly through your living space.

The 24 hour timer is easy to program to make sure you have a warm room when you need it most. And there’s no need to pick this heater up, just roll it into position with the pre-mounted castors that require no assembly. Just unbox and warm up!

Delonghi’s ceramic tower heater is great for personal heating, with a high end electronic look, soft touch control panel and variable heat settings to customise your heating needs. This heater has been styled in an extremely modern and sleek way. Its slim and very small footprint ensures space saving where you don’t have lots of room but need good heating.

The eco plus function delivers the correct level of comfort by regulating power flow and temperature levels. This feature optimises energy use, helping you manage power consumption and electricity bills.

This tower features a motor-driven swivelling structure, to distribute warm air to more parts of the room quickly and efficiently. There’s also an electronic tip over switch that turns off the appliance if the unit falls over accidentally, while it maintains the previous settings you’ve entered.

Finally, Delonghi’s convection heater with timer features a double fan system that more effectively distributes heat throughout the room. The enlarged grill area assist with the heat being delivered to a wider area.

This panel heater includes wall mounting brackets so you can fix it to a wall, or it can remain freestanding. It’s compact, slim design helps it to integrate nicely to your home’s decor, and features a room thermostat to automatically keep the desired temperature.

Like other Delonghi heating products, it features a twenty four hour timer, selectable heat settings and automatic tilt cut off switch.

That’s just some of the Delonghi heating products available now, keeping you and your family warm in the winter months.

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