LG WD12590D6 Front Load Washing Machine

If you’re part of a big family in your home, then chances are, you’ll have pretty big laundry loads. Whether it’s sports, business wear or night garments, there’s probably a big basket of clothes just waiting to be washed. LG’s front load washing machine might just be the answer to helping you get through your large, family-sized washing volumes.

This LG washing machine can handle a massive 10 kilos worth of dirty clothes and linen. This mean that wash frequency and the amount of time spent washing is reduced, freeing your day up to get on with the other things you need to do.

If you prefer to do your laundry at night time, then you will definitely appreciate LG’s Direct Drive. Instead of using belts and pulleys like on a standard washing machine, the Direct Drive actually fastens the drum directly to the motor. This system results in less noise, less vibration and increased durability – now that’s something you’d want in a domestic workhorse like a washing machine.

The Direct Drive provides a really wide range of washing movements, resulting in a more natural, almost handwash clean. There’s actually 6 different wash movements, which the washer will select based on the wash program you’ve chosen.

The unique six motion control technology rotates the drum at various speeds and directions for a great clean. The high speed processor controls the direct drive motor, allowing you to wash with 6 types of motion. Here are a couple of examples of how the different motions work on different types of fabric. The stepping function uses a powerful tone of walling water to remove dirt and stains on more heavy duty items such as jeans. Similar to washing by hand, the gentle motion of the swing function allows you to clean delicate clothing without the worry of them being damaged.

If an issue with the Smart Washer does occur, LG’s Smart Diagnosis feature will relay a 6 second sound to a call centre that you’ve contacted, who can then quickly identify what the problem might be. And the LG App available on Apple and Android devices will also provide feedback on the status of your washer or instant feedback.

That’s the LG 10 kilo direct drive washing machine. Less loads, more time for you.

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